Mick McGraw on Investing in Community

Mick McGraw on Investing in Community

It’s West Michigan’s bountiful harvest season and at Eastbrook Homes, that means we’re deep into our autumn giving back efforts to help support our neighbors, families, and local communities. Eastbrook Homes believes that investing in our communities paves the way for better opportunities, stronger economies, and positive, lifelong relationships. We partner with nonprofits throughout West Michigan and the Greater Lansing Area to forge meaningful avenues of assistance for families and neighbors throughout the region. 

Wedgwood Christian Services is Eastbrook’s most historic community investment partner. One of the largest nonprofit social service organizations in West Michigan, Wedgwood proudly provides residential care, counseling services, and extensive community programs for children, teens, and families throughout the Grand Rapids area. Eastbrook Homes’ President and CEO Mick McGraw recently had the opportunity to sit down with Hillary Kirkendall from Wedgwood to detail Eastbrook’s background with the organization and the Eastbrook giving back program as a whole. 

Eastbrook and Wedgwood: A Perfect Fit

When Eastbrook’s President and CEO Mick McGraw learned of Wedgwood’s focus on providing residential assistance to children, teens, and families, he immediately wanted to help. Wedgwood’s mission struck a chord with Eastbrook’s own organizational goal of providing beautiful, affordable homes for West Michigan families and right from the start, Eastbrook and Wedgwood formed a perfect partnership around mutual passions. After a few pleasant introductions through a mutual friend, Wedgwood became Eastbrook’s very first gift donation. 

Eastbrook’s relationship with Wedgwood has continued to flourish ever since. Mick McGraw often joins Wedgwood residents for two-week trips and outings, where he gets to personally witness the incredible care provided to each Wedgwood community member. Wedgwood children and families have the opportunity to develop their spiritual and mental health in a secure, welcoming environment. Caring for the whole person, as opposed to only providing for a singular need, is an element of care that helps Wedgwood stand out as a pillar of hope and opportunity for West Michigan families.  

Eastbrook Homes is the proud Title Sponsor of Wedgwood’s upcoming 62nd Anniversary Celebration. Showcasing live interviews, an awards ceremony, and original art installations featuring local artists and Wedgwood clients, the anniversary celebration is an event you don’t want to miss! Register for the event here or sign up here to become a sponsor. Interested in hearing Wedgwood’s full interview with Eastbrook’s President and CEO, Mick McGraw? Check out Wedgwood’s podcast and YouTube channel for more info. 

Eastbrook Homes Believes in Giving Back

After 55 years in the home building industry, Eastbrook remains dedicated to providing comfort, security, and sanctuary for families throughout test Michigan and the Greater Lansing area. We proudly create affordable homes with customizable features so local families can create a welcoming, relaxing environment that aligns with their unique lifestyle. The right to an enjoyable life is one Eastbrook believes every family deserves and we intentionally partner with charitable organizations that feel the same. 

The communities Eastbrook serves act as motivation and a source of joy to everyone within our organization. Giving back to the families we’ve come to know and live alongside is a vital component of keeping our communities healthy, safe, and comfortable. 

For more giving opportunities, we invite you to check out our Giving Back page!

Eastbrook Homes is in the business of building homes that function as the perfect backdrop for life’s most important moments. From holiday parties and homecoming photos to warm, cozy spaces for rest, nourishment, and quality family time, Eastbrook’s homes offer so much more than just four walls and a roof; we provide opportunities to build lasting memories and lifelong relationships within our communities. To learn more about Eastbrook’s building process, network of communities, and local financing options, connect with an Eastbrook Sales Agent here. We can’t wait to help you build your dream home and welcome you as the newest member of our Eastbrook Homes community.  

Published on 10/04/2022

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