Building Communities – Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid

Eastbrook Homes is proud to present a new segment produced by The Viewpoint Project with host Dennis Quaid. This segment tells the story of community development from a variety of perspectives: a CEO, a Non-Profit Leader, a Designer, and a Homeowner. 

Meet the people behind community development, learn about what it takes to turn a house into a home, and grow awareness of the housing needs in our own backyards by watching the segment below!

If you’re interested in learning more about the people and organizations in this segment, keep reading below!

Investing in Community

As homebuilders, we place enormous value on welcoming, peaceful places to call home. Unfortunately, for many Americans, the chance of securing safe, consistent housing is more difficult than ever before. 

Family Promise of Grand Rapids, one of Eastbrook Homes’ partnering nonprofit organizations, assists West Michigan’s homeless families by offering emergency housing, housing opportunities, and home stabilization services. With a team of 150 volunteers, Family Promise provides services for over 6,000 children and has successfully placed 4,000 families into homes. 90% of families who work with Family Promise find new homes and the organization walks alongside each family for up to two years following placement to ensure families don’t become homeless again.   

Important, life-altering work like the efforts made by Family Promise of Grand Rapids can’t be done without philanthropy. Local businesses are vital to nonprofit success and provide much-needed access to financial resources, business networks, volunteer populations, and coordination strategies. The power to improve communities and provide resources for local families lies with local businesses, developers, and most importantly, homebuilders.

2022 Giving Statistics Snapshot

Eastbrook Homes believes every family deserves access to affordable housing, health, education, and strong, supportive communities. That’s why we’ve spent the last 50+ years not only building beautiful homes in exceptional communities throughout West Michigan and the Greater Lansing Area, but also investing back into local nonprofit organizations and neighborhood outreach programs. Eastbrook’s philanthropic efforts provide monetary and volunteer support to community resources throughout Michigan, making it easier for our families to gain access to the network of opportunities they deserve. See our Giving Snapshot below!

  • $900,000+ donated since 2017
  • $205,000+ donated to nonprofits, schools, & organizations in 2022
  • 800+ decorated bags for Kids’ Food Basket
  • 21+ sponsored events & campaigns
  • 15+ nonprofit partners
  • 1 common goal achieved: building stronger communities

Designing a Community

Eastbrook Homes intentionally creates sustainable communities that grow in value and mature into stunning neighborhoods over time, consequently investing more work upfront for greater impact and continued success generations down the road. We take every detail into consideration when building our communities, including distance to schools, grocery stores, commuter highways, and public services. Our homes feature unique exteriors, designer customization options, and a variety of price points so every family has the chance to build and design a home for their individual needs. 

We believe designing for the future and staying flexible to the changing needs of our local population allows us to create and invest in communities that are just as important as the homes within them.    

Looking for more information on how we design our communities? Watch this video!

Living in a Community

The Kaminski family moved into their dream, Eastbrook Home in October 2020. Their move-in day just happened to fall on Samantha and Paul’s two-year wedding anniversary, the perfect gift. Though their build took place during the initial stages of a global pandemic, their home-building process was everything they hoped it would be. Samantha says, “Our building process was very smooth. Even though we broke ground just before Covid, Joe and his team did a fabulous job keeping us informed and on track. We lived very close and loved swinging by  almost daily to be amazed by the progress.” 

Read Samantha’s full interview, and see her beautiful home, by clicking here

For over 50 years Eastbrook Homes has built affordable, high-quality homes for families throughout West Michigan and the Greater Lansing Area. Our top priorities include creating customizable living spaces within welcoming, amenity-filled communities so our homeowners can form memories and relationships that last for generations. Are you ready to join the Eastbrook Homes community of homeowners? Connect with an Eastbrook Homes Sales Agent here for more information. 

Published on 11/01/2022

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