How to Invest in Your Community

How to Invest in Your Community

It’s the season for thanksgiving and Eastbrook Homes couldn’t be more excited to give back and invest in our communities. From small towns to big cities, West Michigan offers a plethora of opportunities to show appreciation for the people, places, and resources we’re lucky to be surrounded with each and every day. Eastbrook Homes is proud to partner with an organization that helps provide families with safe, warm housing:  Family Promise of Grand Rapids.

At Eastbrook Homes, we don’t just build houses…we build communities. 

The families we serve aren’t only looking for well-built, comfortable dwellings to retreat to every day, they’re looking for camaraderie, friendship, and fellowship with those around them. Communities form the backbone of daily interactions, from the friendly postal worker we greet every day, to the neighbor who watches our pets while we vacation. Eastbrook understands the intricate needs that exist outside a home’s four walls and we seek to build positive, mutually-beneficial relationships within our client base by investing time, attention, and capital into the communities we serve. 

We believe every family deserves a stable, welcoming place to call home and that’s why our partnership with Family Promise of Grand Rapids aligns perfectly with our mission and area of expertise. Not only are we able to continue building homes of the highest quality that set the value standard for the industry, but through our partnership, we’re able to help expand Family Promise of Grand Rapid’s affordable housing program. This means fewer families on the streets and more impact felt through the West Michigan area.

What can you do to invest in your community?

Consider making a donation to Family Promise of Grand Rapids

Since 1997, Family Promise of Grand Rapids has helped over 6,000 children find stability, safety, and services ranging from prevention and emergency programs to housing and early childhood assistance. Over 90% of Family Promise families find a new home with Family Promise’s collaboration and with specialized efforts geared at finding homes for the holidays, now is the perfect time to donate your time and financial gifts to this incredibly impactful organization.

Volunteer with Family Promise of Grand Rapids

Family Promise of Grand Rapids relies on volunteers to keep their mission going. They have many different opportunities for individuals, families, groups, and more to help out. If you’re interested in getting involved at Family Promise of Grand Rapids, click here!

Support businesses that support your community. 

Your dollar is powerful. By supporting community-centered businesses that live, build, and give back to your neighborhoods, you’re ensuring your investment extends beyond a single transaction and into the homes and lives of neighbors all around you. Eastbrook Homes is proud to donate our time, expertise, and proceeds to our communities so we can together build a better future for years to come. 

Interested in Learning More?

Explore our entire list of Non-Profit Partners by clicking here! 

Be sure to check out our Fox17 Trusted Advisor segment with Family Promise of GR Director of Development and Community Engagement, Kate O’Keefe to learn more about how you can help end homelessness in our West Michigan communities.

Published on 11/09/2021

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