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Where can I build or buy an Eastbrook home?

You can find Eastbrook homes in communities across West Michigan and the Greater Lansing Area. 

What Move-In Homes do you have currently?

See our most current Move-In Homes in West Michigan and the Greater Lansing Area.

What is the cost of an Eastbrook home?

Your home’s pricing depends on its location, square footage, and features. One of our expert Sales Agents will work with you to create a Home Pricing Guide (HPG) so you can know a ballpark estimate of what your dream home costs. Please know we are experiencing a rising cost environment due to the costs of materials nationally. Our prices change regularly and without notice.

Will my home’s pricing change throughout the building process?

We protect your home’s pricing with the Eastbrook Guarantee! Once you decide to sign a non-contingent New Home Purchase Agreement, you are protected from rising costs and expenses on your base home plan and home site. Additionally, once you have selected all of the features for your home, finalize pricing, and submit your deposit per the purchase agreement, your home price will not change.

How do I finance a new construction home?

When you work with one of Eastbrook’s Preferred Lenders, you gain the benefit of Eastbrook carrying the costs of your new home construction. Additionally, you gain the wisdom of a lending partner who understands new construction and who will work in your best interests to ensure a streamlined financing process. 

How long does it take to build a new home?

See what our current building timeline is by going to our Market Transparency page.

Where can I visit an Open House?

If you’re interested in an Eastbrook home, we recommend going to an Open House to see our homes in person! You can find Open House dates and times by visiting the Move-In Homes page or the Community page that you’re most interested in. 

Can I build an Eastbrook home on my own lot?

Though most of our homes are built within master-planned communities, we will sometimes build homes on customer-owned home sites. We evaluate each of these cases carefully to ensure that we’re serving the customer to the best of our ability. For more information on what this evaluation process looks like, check out our Build On Your Site page.

What features and options are included in my home?

Eastbrook Homes is proud to offer you an array of quality Included Features, which means that your base price includes everything you need for a turn-key home. On top of that, we’re excited to offer Moen faucets, air conditioning, and Energy Efficient technology in your base price.

Does my home come with a warranty?

Every Eastbrook home is covered by a One-Year Limited Warranty. Learn more about this warranty here

Can I customize my home?

The short answer is yes, you can personalize or customize your home. Eastbrook’s unique business model allows you to choose the features that you love within our Vendor offerings. That said, the value in our homes comes from choosing features and options that we offer in our Home Creation Studio. We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of styles and features that we think you’ll love.

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