Eastbrook Energy Efficiency (E3)

Eastbrook is committed to building energy efficient homes. A home built with modern materials and appliances conserves resources, saves money, and increases the value of your home.

Even with the best modern construction techniques, your home still contains hundreds of cracks and seams. These small leaks can add up, creating an opening equivalent to a window left open all year long. Eastbrook believes that preventing air leaks is the first step toward an energy efficient home.

These techniques and processes combine to provide energy savings, sustainable building practices, and more home for the money.

To the right is a visual of the Energy Efficiency steps used in Eastbrook’s home building process. Follow the graphic from spray foam insulation to the installation of our Energy Star Qualified Appliances.


Eastbrook Energy Efficiency

(E3) Flyer

Published on 31/12/2021

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