Introducing Cambria Countertops

Introducing Cambria Countertops

At Eastbrook Homes, we’re always looking for new, innovative ways to help homeowners across Lansing and West Michigan create the perfect dream home that caters to their family’s needs while also expressing their unique personality. That’s why we’re proud to announce our new partnership with Cambria, a visionary industry leader in crafting beautiful, durable quartz countertops.

Read on to discover what makes Cambria countertops so special and why they’re the perfect addition to the Eastbook partner community!

Cambria’s Four Pillars

Cambria’s production philosophy rests on four company pillars that always put the customer first: design, quality, service, and American-made. Together, these principles make Cambria the perfect partner in elevating Eastbrook’s own commitment to building the perfect dream home that suits the personality of each and every homeowner.


Like Eastbrook Homes, Cambria has always been an industry innovator. They were leaders in pioneering veined quartz as a countertop design, but the explosion in the look’s popularity hasn’t stopped them from continuing to push the limits of their creativity. With a staggering selection of quartz designs across a range of colors and detailed, intricate patterns, if you can imagine it, Cambria probably has it.


Countertops are made to be used, and Cambria quartz countertops are built to handle all the wear and tear you can throw at them without losing their characteristic sleek look. The compact, sturdy slabs Cambria produces are made to last on account of quartz’s natural durability; it’s actually one of the hardest naturally-occurring stones on the planet! Manufactured using sustainably harvested quartz combined with a wide assortment of pigments, each countertop is maintenance-free once installed. 

Paired with the superior craftsmanship characteristic of every Eastbrook home, Cambria’s countertops are a welcome addition to our lineup of high-quality partners!


Cambria’s commitment to quality doesn’t stop at the manufacturing stage. With so many countertop options to choose from, the Cambria team is committed to supporting their customers through the entire process of choosing, constructing, and installing every countertop.

When combined with the expertise and dedication to customer service shared by the entire team of Eastbrook experts, the result is a network of supportive resources designed to helpfully walk each homebuyer through the homebuilding process. After visiting the Eastbrook Home Creation Studio, aspiring homeowners be confident that their chosen Cambria countertop, backed by a Full Lifetime Warranty, will be the perfect addition to their dream home.


Cambria began work on their first manufacturing plant in 1999, the first of any such plants in the United States, and completed their first quartz tile on December 31st, 2000. They’ve been committed to continuing their American manufacturing tradition ever since, keeping all production in-house at their Minnesota facility. Even after outgrowing their first plant, Cambria opted to open a second Minnesota-based facility and expand their existing production space rather than outsource manufacturing. All Cambria countertops are American-made to this day.

Make a Cambria countertop a part of your next dream home! Browse our feature gallery to get design inspiration, or schedule a model home tour to see one of our many Eastbrook home designs in person. Whether you’re looking for one of our move-in-ready homes or want to build your own, the Eastbrook team is here to help. Connect with us today to get started!

Published on 19/03/2024

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