Good From The Ground Up

Investing in Community

Building change in our communities starts from the ground up. Mick McGraw, our President & CEO says, “We don’t just build houses. We build communities,” McGraw said. “We feel like it’s a corporate responsibility to be investing in and supporting the communities we build in, and these nonprofits help these communities thrive.” When you become part of the Eastbrook family, you support local non-profits & causes such as:

  • Affordable/Safe Housing
  • Food Security
  • Health Services
  • Kids & Family Services
  • Women Services

Keep reading for information on our annual giving campaign, ways to get involved, nonprofit testimonials, and employee engagement!

Supporting Local Nonprofits

In 2017, Eastbrook formalized its giving efforts into a month of events called “Taste & Tour”.  Originally an event series that raised funds for local nonprofits, Taste, and Tour naturally transitioned into a Fall giving campaign that provides donations to nonprofits across Michigan. The impact of these donations is far reaching:

  • Since 2017, Eastbrook has donated over $850,000 to local nonprofits in West Michigan, the Greater Lansing Area, and Auburn, AL. 
  • In total, this giving campaign has helped raise over $950,000 for these non-profits through matching campaigns and events. 

“Twenty-five dollars adds up. There’s collective impact there,” said Kate O’Keefe, director of development and community engagement for Family Promise of GR. “That money goes a long way toward feeding families, getting cars fixed and providing day care opportunities.

Partnering Non-Profits

Discover these incredible nonprofits below! If a cause hits close to home, each nonprofit has opportunities for giving and volunteering.

AYA Youth Collective
D. A. Blodgett St. John's
Kids' Food Basket
Women's Resource Center
St. Vincent Catholic Charities
Child and Family Charities
Ele's Place
Home Repair Services
Love in Action
Mosaic Counseling
Comprehensive Therapy Center
Family Promise of Grand Rapids
Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital
Safehaven Ministries

Engaging As A Company

We’ve built a number of ramps over the years and have repaired people’s porches. And really, as we’ve been involved, it’s just helping people get in and out of their homes. Home Repair Services makes it really easy to volunteer…they’ve really taken it to the next level.

Brad Mooney
Volunteers with Home Repair Services

I am passionate about strengthening our community, ensuring home and safety for all, and building unique solutions that empower others. So many of us have the skills to make our community better together, in unique ways. Let’s roll up our sleeves and help each other grow!

Sarah Titus
Volunteers with Safe Haven, Family Promise of Grand Rapids, Citizen Labs and Code for Good West Michigan

Shortly after I started working at Eastbrook Homes, I had the privilege of partnering with Safe Haven Ministries for our Taste and Tour fundraising event. I was familiar with the organization beforehand as one of my dear friends was fortunate enough to receive group counseling from them. I saw firsthand how this program changes people’s lives and helps protect and heal them from the trauma of domestic violence.

Stacy Vis
Safe Haven Ministries

Family Frolic 2023

Family Promise of West Michigan puts on an incredible event each year to engage with the greater Grand Rapids community. This year, the event was held at the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum. See the gallery below for event highlights!

Merry & Brite 2021

Watch the video and browse the gallery below to see the results of our partnership with Mary Free Bed!

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