Building New with Brittnee & Taylor

Building New with Brittnee & Taylor

Building New with Brittnee & Taylor

For busy parents Brittnee and Taylor, finding a home builder that could work with their schedule has been an important part of the journey to homeownership. After listening to Brittnee’s parents share their own experience with the company, they chose to work with Eastbrook Homes. Watch their video series below to see how Eastbrook’s balance of quality and convenience has made the home building process easy and exciting for this growing family.


Episode #1 – Meet Brittnee & Taylor

Brittnee and Taylor start their Eastbrook journey by meeting with a Sales Agent to discuss their new home options!



Episode #2 – Brittnee & Taylor Visit the Home Creation Studio

With a little preparation, Brittnee and Taylor are ready to make their dreams into reality by visiting the Eastbrook Home Creation Studio, or as Taylor calls it – the Real Life Pinterest.



Episode #3 – Pre-Drywall Walk-Through

Tag along with Brittnee and Taylor as they go on their Pre-Drywall Walk-Through, where they see their home starting to take shape. 



Episode #4 – New Home Celebration

Nearing the end of their home journey, Brittnee and Taylor walk through their home with the Eastbrook team!



Episode #5 – Brittnee & Taylor Are All Moved In

See Brittnee and Taylor’s finished home and learn about why they felt equipped and powered to make their home decisions. 



Episode #6 – One-Year Walkthrough

Learn more about the couple’s Eastbrook experience now that they’ve had time to settle into their new home!


Published on 11/03/2017

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