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Homeowner Highlight with Katie | Eastbrook Homes

Building a new home involves so much more than tools and materials. It’s more than the construction and landscaping, or appliances and accessories. A new home is the end result of the collective energy, talent, experience, and passion of the builders and buyers, and everyone else involved.

The project is especially successful when everyone works as a team which has never been more important than during these unprecedented times. With Covid-19 still fresh on everyone’s mind, it has never been more important to work together to reach a goal.

Today, we’re checking in with Katie, who’s building project was almost derailed by the appearance of the coronavirus. As a nurse on the frontlines, she was surrounded by uncertainty – including the threat of a nationwide pandemic.

With the help of the Eastbrook team, Katie was able to keep her new home project on track until it was completed and ready for her family to move in.

Read on to hear Katie’s story!

EBH: When did you move into your home?

K: Our original estimated month of completion was April 2020. We got super lucky with our framers and the warmer fall and mild winter, so construction progressed quicker than originally thought. As we got closer, we were given a Closing Date of March 25th! That was really exciting!

As an RN, I’m on the frontlines of the current pandemic. Rumors were beginning to swirl about a “nationwide quarantine” and I wasn’t sure what that could mean for us and our Closing, especially considering we had already sold our other home. Due to this, I reached out to our Sales Agent, Robin, on March 17th, and tossed the question her way. What would happen? It’s unprecedented…I knew she wouldn’t have an immediate answer, but I knew she could find one.

Robin reached out to Laura in the Closing Department who facilitated all moving parts. Our amazing Construction Manager, Kyle, made a lot of calls and things came together so harmoniously. They were able to move our Closing to March 20th…about 48hrs before Michigan went on a “Stay-At-Home” order by the Governor.

EBH: What home plan do you have?

K: We have the Crestview Plan. We relocated to Michigan nine years ago. Our first home didn’t allow for a lot of entertaining and we didn’t have room to host our out of town family when they visited. We were looking for something with an open floor plan, a second-story owner’s suite, and laundry.

We chose to finish the basement with a full bedroom and bath complete with Rec room for our girls. It’s very spacious.

EBH: What is your decorating inspiration?

K: We’re a little eclectic but we find a way to mold it all together. It’s very Midwest Modern with a touch of farmhouse. We like clean lines and neutral tones. We chose a beautiful gray color for throughout the entire house. It works well with our bright white trim, wood vinyl flooring and two-toned kitchen.

We also love family photos, so we incorporate our entire family into our décor using canvases.

EBH: What are your favorite features in your home?

K: Probably our built-ins on either side of the fireplace. It adds a nice balance to the room. My other favorite is the kitchen island. Our families always gather in the kitchen when we’re together. It’s so nice to finally have one large enough to be able to do so.

EBH: What was your building process/Eastbrook experience like?

K: Honestly, it was a great experience and I’m one who will always give it to you straight. I think we only ever had one hiccup at the beginning. The Developer raised the lot prices as we were finalizing our contract. Our Sales Agent, Realtor and Eastbrook all advocated for us and we kept the original price.

The rest of the process went smoothly and I think it helped that my husband and I were on the same page from the beginning. We’re also very decisive people. Once we’ve made up our minds, we’re locked in. So there wasn’t any back-and-forth and we flew through our design sessions.

Megan was wonderful to work with. She’s either very adaptable or shared our design aesthetic – or both! She was personable and really knew where our vision was from the beginning.

One of the early things for us that really solidified that we were working with an amazing company was when we went to our first session with Megan, she said “I absolutely love this plan. Not a lot of people choose it so when they do, it makes it extra special. I just got to walk through one yesterday!”

We had so badly wanted to walk the plan but there was never a model available. At the end of our session, we had some extra time left so I asked her if we could simply drive by the one she had just walked through. She went to get the address and returned with a key. Told us everyone was aware we were coming and to lock up when we were done.

The fact that the company trusted us to view a home on our own spoke volumes to us. Not to mention the craftsmanship and detail done during the construction of that home showed us we were in excellent hands.

We also appreciated the weekly updates from our Construction Manager via our Sales Agent. Kyle and Robin were fabulous to work with and whenever we had a question, they were quick to either explain or answer. Some things were as simple as understanding why something was done the way it was done. We learned a lot and appreciated their patience with us. We also tried to just stay out of the way.

EBH: Do you have any tips or tricks for new homeowners?

K: During your build process, we highly suggest the weekly updates and visiting the site of your new build on Sundays. The weekly updates help to let you know what they’re working on and by waiting until Sunday to stop by, you’re out of the way of the work and you can see what was completed from your previous email. It also helped the process go quickly. It feels like we just started!

Once you’re in your home, take the time to truly appreciate it this clean…because it will never be again, especially if you have pets or children.

EBH: Any other thoughts you would like to add?

K: Do your homework before making any decisions. Be comfortable in what you choose and make sure you and your building partner are on the same page. It will make for a much smoother process.

The Eastbrook Homes team really is amazing. While this is our dream home and hopefully our forever-home, should we ever need to build again, we’d make the same choice in our builder.

Thank you so much, Katie, for a peek into your beautiful new home, and for sharing your thoughts on your homebuilding experience with Eastbrook Homes.

If you are considering the construction of a new home, let the Eastbrook Homes team help you overcome any hurdles you might encounter along the way. Contact our expert sales agents and together, we can create the home of your dreams!


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