Hearth and Home with Monica

To celebrate the Holiday season, Eastbrook Homes will be presenting a series of spotlights on some of our Eastbrook Family and their beautiful homes.

This week, we spoke with Monica from our Cook’s Crossing community who has been in her home for 3 years and loves it. Monica discussed a couple of her home’s best features and had some great feedback on the building process to share with us too.

Please welcome Monica to this week’s Hearth and Home series from Eastbrook Homes!

  • EHB: When did you move into your home?
    M: Thanksgiving 2015, 3 years ago already!
  • EBH: What home plan do you have?
    M: Hearthside (A main floor master)
  • EBH: What is your decorating inspiration?
    M: Everything HGTV! Property Brothers, Fixer Upper, etc.
  • EBH: How do you prepare your home for the holidays?
    M: Our trees are always up before Thanksgiving, Christmas music is always blaring, and we are most likely baking a Christmas treat.
  • EBH: What are your favorite features in your home?
    M: I will narrow it down to just my top 3…
    1. Walk in shower (Think 1st-trimester pregnancy, kids during flu season, and potty training)
    2. Sunroom/All of the windows- I love all the natural light and my plants do too
    3. 3rd Stall Garage- A must for a workshop and to store all of the kid’s toys!
  • EBH: What was your building process /Eastbrook experience like?
    M: SIMPLE. The showroom makes it a pretty easy process and we were able to pick everything out in just a few hours. It was also nice getting the weekly updates on the progress of the build.
  • EBH: Do you have any tips or tricks for new homeowners?
    M: Picking out the floor plan is the most important thing. You should also think of things that you cannot change or upgrade at a later date. A plug in the pantry for the coffee maker and toaster oven are life changers! Also, a plug in the closet for the vacuum cleaner.

Thank you, Monica, for giving us a little glimpse into your beautiful home, and for participating in the Eastbrook Hearth and Home series!

At Eastbrook Homes, we always give you more home for your money.

Season’s Greetings from Eastbrook Homes!

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