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With the help of our partnering Preferred Lenders, Eastbrook Homes simplifies the home financing process so you can save time, money and stress.
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Streamline Your Financing Process

At Eastbrook Homes, we recognize that today’s traditional financing process creates more work, more stress, and more delays for our customers. So, we decided to change the game and create a process that gets you the best results.


No Construction Loan Needed

Simply get Pre-Approved with one of our lending partners and Eastbrook will carry the costs of your new construction so you can focus on the things that matter most: building your dream home.


How Do We Do it?

Eastbrook Homes works closely with a group of trusted lenders to simplify your construction financing. Our Preferred Lending Partners understand the Eastbrook building process and provide expert guidance and convenience that saves our customers time and eliminates challenges.

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Try Our Payment Calculator

Discover What Your Monthly Home Payment* Could Be!


Home Price

The purchase price of your new home, or the amount you plan to offer.

Your Payment

Calculate different scenarios to better understand what your monthly loan payment could be!

Down Payment

The amount you’re able to place down on your home, in addition to your loan. 


Loan Program

30 years versus a 15 year loan program will affect your down payment and interest rate. 

Interest Rate

This rate will vary based on your loan and factors like your credit score and down payment. 

Discover the Finance First Loan Program

FinancingforEBU - Custom Homes in Michigan

Introducing the Financing First Loan Program!

Lock in your interest rates before your home is built by choosing this loan offered by our Preferred Lenders. Interested in learning more? Download the Financing First Loan Handbook by LMCU and complete their comprehensive guide.

Preferred Lender Stories 

Watch as our Preferred Lender Partners bring experience, expertise, and efficiency to real Eastbrook Homeowners in this three-part video series. 

Start Your Partnership Today! 

Contact one of our Preferred Lender Originators below to get started on your Home Financing Process today!

Becky Sims
NMLS #906566
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Luther Trook
NMLS #445364
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Marcus & Linsey Joseph
NMLS #436330
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Clinton Forester
NMLS #138084
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Joe Joseph
NMLS #783167
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Joe Sambaer
NMLS #783176
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*This payment is only an estimate based on principal and interest, a 3.13% Interest Rate, 20% Down Payment, and 30 year FHA loan with a fixed rate & APR. Rates are subject to change without notice. For complete details on payment and interest rate information, please contact one of our preferred lenders for more details.