Summer Living in Michigan with Eastbrook Homes

Summer Living in Michigan with Eastbrook Homes

Summer days have arrived! As warm weather descends on Michiganders across the state, many of us look forward to building sandcastles alongside West Michigan’s incredible shorelines, dining al fresco at one of Grand Rapids’ and the Greater Lansing Area’s incredible restaurants, and hosting BBQs with family and friends in our own backyards. Eastbrook Homes gathered some of our favorite ways to welcome the bright and sunny summer season into your home and we can’t wait to share our tips and tricks with you. Grab a glass of fresh lemonade and a shady seat on the deck while we dive into summertime living in Michigan with Eastbrook Homes!  

Lighten and Brighten

Welcome long, sunny days by brightening your home with a joyful summertime color palette. Try incorporating citrus tones of yellow and orange, lakeshore hues of blue and white, and garden-inspired shades of green and berry with interchangeable accent features like pillows, vases, and hand towels. Swap heavy winter drapery and window treatments for sheer panels and blinds that let the light filter in from dawn till dusk. Looking for an easy and affordable way to bring color to your tabletops? Visit one of Michigan’s incredible farmers’ markets to get your hands on homegrown deliciousness like fresh fruits, berries, and cut flowers to display in the kitchen, powder room, and living room.   

Declutter and Simplify

Summer is a great time to live simply and spend time chasing sunsets instead of dust bunnies. Declutter your home by cleaning out closets, storing items off the counter, and organizing your pantry for quick poolside snacking. Change out cold-weather flannel bedding for breathable cotton sheets and lightweight duvets or welcome a little adventure into your sleep routine with an outdoor hammock or porch swing bed. Struggling to find your favorite swimsuit? Invest in drawer organizers, closet storage racks, and season-friendly totes for quick and easy beach day access! 

Bring the Outdoors In

Looking for the perfect way to capture the sights and sounds of summer, minus the heat and mosquitoes? Bring the outdoors in! Summer is a great time to invest in succulents, hanging baskets, and indoor plants. Try potting up your favorite ferns with recycled baskets or unique repurposed items like vintage tea kettles or copper pots. Rainy days forecasted for your summer camping trip? Pop a tent inside, roast s’mores in the fireplace, and make your own fireflies! Even the relaxing sounds of a summertime creek can be replicated indoors with a DIY water fountain. Get creative – the possibilities are endless!  

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Space

Longing to soak up some rays from the comfort and privacy of your own home? Refresh your outdoor living space with strategic summertime additions that welcome friends and family, keep bugs at bay, and make the most of Michigan’s long summer nights. Now is the ideal time to score a gently used outdoor living set or invest in a new one during summer holiday sales. Create ambiance with string lights, citronella candles, and an outdoor fireplace made to entice cocktails and conversation. Try using potted plants like lemongrass and geranium to ward off insects and don’t forget to hang a tree or porch swing so you can enjoy the cool breeze all summer long. 

Make Refreshments Easy and Accessible

There’s nothing better on a hot summer day than a deliciously crisp, cold drink. Make refreshments easy and accessible by investing in a bar cart complete with an ice bucket, koozies, poolside-friendly glasses, and cocktail umbrellas. Try adding a mini-fridge, wine bar, and themed summertime drink recipes to take your refreshment offerings up a notch. Looking for an easy way to sip while watching the sun go down? Add some fresh fruit and ice to a clear water pitcher for a quick, eye-catching summertime pick-me-up everyone in the family can enjoy.

Ready to experience the joy of Michigan’s summertime season from the comfort of your own customizable dream home? Eastbrook Homes offers energy-efficient home features, low-maintenance living options, pool and lakeside communities, and family-friendly outdoor amenities. We specialize in creating summertime memories that last a lifetime by providing the perfect backdrop for your sun-kissed moments. Connect with an Eastbrook Homes’ Sales Agent here to start your dream home project with a splash!

Published on 06/21/2022

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