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A happy home is a comfortable home, and the very best way to capture timeless tranquility is with traditional interior design. Traditional design hinges on a unique ability to stay elegant and attractive while simultaneously allowing the people within the home to take center stage. Calm, understated colors, ageless furnishings and finishes, and a predictable, orderly aesthetic allow traditional design to seamlessly backdrop a home’s major events and everyday life. Follow along as Eastbrook Homes takes a closer look at the time-honored, approachable qualities of traditional interior design. 

Traditional Design Style Origins

Traditional interior design is born out of an appreciation for classic, historical trends from the 18th and 19th centuries. Inspiration is taken from a wide array of European countries, including places like France, England, and China. Monarchial influence reigns as a top contributor to traditional design furniture, with pieces named after rulers like Queen Anne, Louis XVI, and Queen Victoria. Jacobean, Chippendale, and Pennsylvania Dutch styles also belong to traditional design, with origins ranging from English Early Renaissance periods to London cabinet-makers with a keen eye for Gothic, French, and Chinese details. 

Traditional Design Characteristics

The last thing traditional design wishes to do is attract attention with trendy, loud objects, wild colors, and disorganized details. Traditional design earns your eye with subtle nods to the past and a regal appreciation for quiet elegance. Important defining characteristics of traditional design include:

  • Symmetry and a sense of belonging together, matching in style, size, and color
  • Color palettes filled with neutral, warm, and dark shades with soft hints of color to add interest without being too distracting
  • Ornate details like claw feet, fluting, and scrolling hinges to highlight history and tie furnishings to the past in a consistent, recognizable manner
  • Traditional interior architectural touches like built-in cabinets, wainscoting, columns, and tray ceilings
  • Antiques, framed art, elaborate vases, and detailed rugs bring the comfort of traditional design to every room, wall, and surface       

How to Use Traditional Design in Your Home

It’s easier to capture the timeless, comforting feel of traditional design than you may think – and often quite fun! Traditional design adores estate-sale finds, thrifted treasures, and antique embellishments. Hit the flea markets and make a day of incorporating traditional design into your home with a few easy, approachable techniques:

  • Stay Neutral. Stick with toned down color palettes and earth tones 
  • Texture Matters. Incorporate balance and warmth with wood, upholstery, and wallpaper
  • Play with Fabrics. Textiles like velvet, leather, and vintage linen help capture traditional design in personable, customizable ways
  • Match, Don’t Mix. Try incorporating traditional pieces that match in color, style, size, and texture
  • Focus on Comfort. Create conversation spaces by placing furniture in balanced, symmetrical groupings that allow for easy gathering and relaxation

Are you ready to see, feel, and experience traditional interior design in real-time? The Eastbrook Homes Home Creation Studio is just one of many unique perks our homeowners receive when deciding to build their dream home with Eastbrook. Our 4,000 square foot Home Creation Studio allows you to choose from thousands of design features all showcased in one location so you can familiarize yourself with your finishes before making important design decisions. Looking for a more traditional cabinet style? The Eastbrook Homes downloadable Features and Options List is a great place to discover customization options that fit your lifestyle. 

Incorporating traditional design into your dream home is a snap with Eastbrook’s online Feature Gallery and access to our team of professional interior designers.  Explore your traditional home design possibilities by connecting with us here and scheduling a personal Eastbrook Homes model home tour. We’ll walk you through every step of the Eastbrook Homes Building Process and partner with you to build a warm, welcoming home that stands the test of time.  

Published on 04/26/2022

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