How Eastbrook Empowers Home Buyers with a Virtual Media Hub

How Eastbrook Empowers Home Buyers with a Virtual Media Hub | Eastbrook Homes

How Eastbrook Empowers Home Buyers with a Virtual Media Hub

Although there have been a lot of positive developments regarding the pandemic this year, Covid-19 still creates a lot of roadblocks for industries where human interaction is necessary to complete a project.

That challenge led Eastbrook Homes’ Marketing Manager, Sarah Titus, to dream up a creative virtual solution to solve a physical problem. This project became so successful, she was interviewed by multiple podcasters such as Do You Convert and the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast.

In these interviews, Sarah talks about taking a step in the customer’s new home building experience that would normally involve several hours’ worth of in-person meetings and replacing it with a 9-part video series, set into an interactive webpage, that saves time, creates a powerful resource, and empowers buyers with a tool they can use again and again, all on their own time.

As part of the building process, new home clients need to select the options available throughout the new home. This includes faucets, trim, cabinet doors, countertops, flooring, storage shelving, and much more.

Until this year, those clients were required to attend an in-person event called Preview night, which introduced them to all of the hundreds of options available to them for every room in their home, all in a two-hour meeting.

Although Sarah and the Eastbrook team knew for a long time that they needed a better way to help people learn about the new home selections, it took the pandemic to kick the idea into gear. As Summer of 2020 came to a close and Fall began to creep in – bringing a new surge in Covid-19 cases – Sarah and her team decided the time had come to build a better solution for Preview Night.

With part of the website already offering Eastbrook clients a University-style environment full of helpful, informative information, the basic idea for the new website section was already there.

Building on the Eastbrook University idea and her desire to help Eastbrook’s clients, Sarah and her team created a new addition for the website, and a safer, more convenient solution for Eastbrook’s clients. Together, they created the Know Your Options video series, housed in an interactive web journey you can see by Clicking Here.

Sarah selected outside partners for tasks like web design, videography, and content creation to help build out the website faster. With their assistance, the Eastbrook Homes team put together an easy-to-use, informative media journey that features videos, transcriptions, and PDFs – all collected and arranged for ease of navigation and use.

You can experience the Know your Options video series by clicking here, then clicking through the different sections of the site to learn about the choices available to Eastbrook Homes clients.

The Know Your Options video series was created out of the desire to help Eastbrook clients with a simpler, more effective way to selecting the options for their new home.

Click the links below to listen to Sarah’s interview on each podcast and learn more about what went on behind the scenes of the Know Your Options journey. You can also learn about the top tools on the Eastbrook website, and why you should try out the EB Mortgage Calculator, by listening to MI Best Podcast as well. 

Sarah Titus and the Eastbrook Homes Marketing Department – Just one more way Eastbrook Homes gives our clients more home for their money!

Published on 04/06/2021

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