2023 Design Trends to Look For

2023 Design Trends to Look For

With the holiday season winding down in West Michigan, now is the perfect time to check your homeowner do-to list and begin prioritizing the home designs, changes, and upgrades you’d like to see in the coming year. 

Ensure your 2023 begins with a bang by checking out the latest home design trends and inspiration with Eastbrook Homes. We’ve rounded up a collection of enticing new design tips and tricks to make the most of your living spaces so you can enjoy comfort and style that compliments your unique lifestyle all year long.

Incorporate Health and Wellness Within Your Walls

2023 Trends - Health and Wellness

The experts agree, a focus on health and wellness in the home dominates this year’s home design trends. Homeowners continue to prioritize sustainable, earth-friendly technology, fixtures, and housewares and are taking holistic design one step further this year by incorporating colors, textures, and home furnishings that inspire relaxation and a happier, more productive mood. 

Eastbrook Design Tips to Incorporate Health and Wellness Within Your Walls

  • Balance comfort and temperature by adding blankets, rugs, and insulating curtains to your home
  • Choose non-toxic, natural materials for furnishings and fixtures
  • Carve out spaces for relaxation, like a reading nook, Michigan room, or yoga space
  • Create community with informal dining spaces and inviting seating areas
  • Improve air quality with large windows, plants, and high ceilings 

Celebrate Character

2023 Trends - Character

The minimalist design mentalities of the past are taking a back seat in favor of highlighted character and maximalist decor trends. 2023 is the year of bold colors, daring patterns, and striking dimensions, each meant to showcase your unique, individual style and personality. Dramatic, moody rooms with monochromatic color schemes and gothic-inspired details allow homeowners to bring out their creative side while capitalizing on interesting features throughout the home.

Eastbrook Design Tips to Celebrate Character

  • Use paint or peel-and-stick wallpaper to make a bold statement that can easily be updated or changed at a later point
  • Highlight architectural focal points like arched doorways, built-in bookshelves, and tray ceilings with lighting, eye-catching objects, and contrasting paint colors
  • Embrace rich, saturated colors for walls, furnishings, and accent pieces
  • Add variety to your hardware by mixing metals, textures, and styles to door knobs and drawer pulls
  • Play with patterns by incorporating pillows, window treatments, and rugs in varying sizes, shapes, and styles

Layer Your Lighting

2023 Trends - Layered Lighting

2023 has been named The Year of the Circadian Home, with design emphasis landing squarely on scientifically-proven ways to incorporate better, more purposeful lighting into your life and home. Designers see an increase in task lighting, mood lighting, and products that both allow light in and block light out when needed. From pendant lighting and sunrise alarm clocks to blackout curtains and focal-point fireplaces, layered lighting is a 2023 design trend that’s sure to impact your home, body, and mind. 

Eastbrook Design Tips to Layer Your Lighting

  • Shed light on independent activities with task-specific lighting like pendant lights, desk lamps, and under-cabinet lighting
  • Adjust your space and your mood with customizable light bulbs designed to mimic outdoor light spectrums
  • Layer light-blocking window treatments with sheer daytime options to balance light in your home throughout the day
  • Bask in light during Michigan’s dark winter days by lighting candles and building a fire in the fireplace
  • Create a separate “sleep space” outside the bedroom for phones and laptops to reduce pre-bedtime screen time

Create Statements in Stone

2023 Trends - Stone

Organic design techniques continue to lead design trends as homeowners strive to bring the timeless look of the great outdoors inside. Features like granite and quartz countertops, stone fireplace surrounds, and slab backsplashes bring both form and function to rooms throughout the home. The unique veining properties of stone allow homeowners to capitalize on a one-of-a-kind look while foregoing hard-to-clean grout lines or gaps.  

Eastbrook Design Tips to Create Statements in Stone

  • Try blending stone in two or three contrasting colors to create a unique, inviting focal point in your living room
  • Streamline your countertop clean-up efforts by investing in slabs of stone or integral sinks that don’t require seams, grout, or caulking
  • Elevate your entryway with exterior stone archways designed to capture the eye and invite guests indoors
  • Add stone to your outdoor living space by incorporating various stone styles and textures around your patio, pool, or firepit
  • Add craftsman-like detail and character to your home’s exterior with stone pillar surrounds, siding, and walkways

Make it Meaningful

2023 Trends - Make it Meaninful

Prioritize peace, happiness, and tranquility by filling your home with meaningful art, furnishings, and fixtures. Designers across the nation are celebrating this year’s trend of leaning into well-loved vintage pieces and family heirlooms. Wrap your home in quiet and calm and reduce anxiety with familiar items that bring a sense of sanctuary to your living spaces. 

Eastbrook Design Tips to Make it Meaningful

  • Upcycle worn, forgotten items while enhancing your skill set by reupholstering and reworking vintage furniture
  • Channel the comfort of time-honored craftsman details by adding exposed beams and warm wood elements to your ceilings and exteriors
  • Make use of attic treasures and find new ways to incorporate antiques into your living spaces by repurposing fabrics, fixtures, and furnishings
  • Attend local estate, barn, and garage sales to score one-of-a-kind pieces that speak to your unique sense of comfort
  • Turn family heirlooms into art by photographing your favorite items and creating a framed photo print feature wall

Looking for the perfect canvas for your 2023 home design ideas? Eastbrook Homes offers customizable home plans and move-in-ready homes in picture-perfect communities throughout West Michigan and the Greater Lansing Area. We partner with our homeowners to ensure your home captures the look and feel you desire without breaking the budget. Our signature Eastbrook Homes Home Creation Studio experience makes it easy for you and your family to start your new year and home build in style. Connect with our experienced Sales Agents here to learn more! 

Published on 01/03/2023

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