Homeowner Highlight – Homework Station Ideas with Sandra

Homeowner Highlight – Homework Station Ideas with Sandra | Eastbrook Homes


Homeowner Highlight – Homework Station Ideas with Sandra

This week on the Eastbrook Homes blog we’re going to revisit the topic of Homework Stations and how they can help your kids stay productive. A well-designed homework station can also double as a play station, or it can work as an arts and crafts desk which can make homework seem like an extension of play time.

Today, we’re talking with Sandra, who converted the Flex room in her Stockton floor plan home into a homeschooling space. Sandra has some great insight into the home building experience too, so check out her homework station ideas and building process feedback below.

EBH: When did you move in?

S: We moved in August 2013

EBH: What home plan do you have?

S: The Stockton

EBH: What does home mean to you?

S: To our family, home means a comfortable and happy place to rest. A place where we are safe, secure and loved.

EBH: Describe your Homework station for us? How did you set it up, what was your inspiration?

S: We have an entire home school room set up in the flex room. The inspiration for us when we do school is to be comfortable; so we have a soft couch, cushions to sit on, and a soft rug to lay on. That way, we can all sprawl out and read while being comfortable at the same time.

We have different desks set up on each side of the room so we can work independently when needed, but to be honest, most of our schoolwork is done together in a big heap on the floor all snuggled up! We have little shelves & stations to set our nature treasures all over, and I always try to have fresh flowers in the room so we can feel like we’re outdoors.

EBH: What does school look like for your family this year?

S: We are homeschoolers and have been for three years. So, school doesn’t look much different for us, although some of our group activities are planned to be in smaller groups.

Our main goal, as always, is to learn from the outdoors. We spend a lot of time hiking, exploring, playing and learning about our natural world around us – and bring those thoughts inside with us when we study, journal and read.

We usually spend a few hours in the mornings doing our math, reading and writing – and then head outside to learn even more and get our bodies moving.

EBH: What is your favorite feature in your home?

We love a lot about our home, but our flex room really is my favorite – it’s bright, sunny & comfortable, and we love the barn door. We also love that our kitchen, dining & living room are all open concept so we can be together as a family when cooking, relaxing and hanging out.

EBH: Tips for new homeowners?

When you are building, try to think about what is hard to add on in the future. For instance, we chose the 9’ ceilings, because we knew that would not be something we could change, so we invested early on.

Take your time, don’t be afraid to ask questions and enjoy the process. Take the time to drive around the neighborhood to look at all the features that are available to you, or to get inspired. Building our home is one of the best memories we have!

Thank you so much for the great information, Sandra! It sounds like you and your family made the building process fun and interesting, and built your dream home in the process.

If you are planning to build or move this year, or you would just like to explore your options and start planning for next year, please reach out to one of our Expert Sales Agents and see why Eastbrook Homes always gives you more home for your money!

Published on 08/18/2020

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