A Kid’s Guide to Finding a Home

Finding the perfect home for your family means carefully evaluating your home options from a plethora of perspectives – including those of younger family members! While adults tend to focus on elements like exterior maintenance, garage spaces, and floor plans, kids are more concerned with backyard space, on-site pool or recreation amenities, and local attractions. When purchasing or building your family’s dream home, it pays to channel your inner child and pay attention to important features that keep both kids and pets happy. Join Eastbrook Homes as we walk through the community, location, and home features every kid dreams of.  

Kid-Friendly Community Amenities

Kids love spending time outdoors. Playgrounds and parks are great for picnics, exercise, and finding new friends. Enhance your family’s summer break by moving to a community with on-site pool amenities or experience Michigan’s gorgeous views and landscapes by taking the kids on a nature hike. Some of Eastbrook Homes’ favorite community amenities for kids include:

  • Playgrounds and Parks – Is there anything better than a beautiful day at the park? The playgrounds at Lincoln Pines and Village Place offer fun and adventure for kids of all ages. 
  • Pools – Cool off on hot summer days with a pool party at your very own private community pool. The on-site private pool facilities at Lowing Woods and Macatawa Legends offer a variety of summertime activities close to home. Kids can swim, play, and later dry off on nearby playgrounds. 
  • Trails – Kids love spotting deer on a hike! The trails at Saddlebrook and Bonnie Meadows offer relaxation and connection to Michigan’s gorgeous natural resources with easy, kid-friendly distances and trail surfaces.  

Kid-Friendly Location

Nothing beats a family night out on the town! Spice up your family night by selecting a home location that offers the resources, activities, and local adventures kids love. From dune hikes to delicious, family-friendly restaurants, West Michigan and the Greater Lansing Area offer something for every age.  

  • Beaches – Michigan is home to some of the best beaches in the world. Make the most of the warm summer months by soaking up the sun, having a swim day, and taking advantage of lakeside living at Hathaway Lakes or Tannery Bay. Both communities offer a resort-like beachfront lifestyle with private lake access and nearby proximity to beautiful Lake Michigan. 
  • Pizza and Ice Cream – No time to cook dinner? Make the whole family happy by heading out for pizza and ice cream. Deano’s Pizza near Bingham Farms offers family-friendly fare at affordable prices. Don’t forget to save room for dessert at Scoopy Doo’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream down the road from Crowner Farms and Thomas Farms. With so many delicious options to choose from, you’ll never need to scramble for last-minute dinner options again!
  • Close to School – Never miss another soccer practice by choosing a community close to local schools and education facilities. Cook’s Crossing, for example, is only a 15-minute walk to nearby award-winning elementary schools. Harvest Meadows also offers a walkable, kid-friendly lifestyle with nearby high schools less than 2 miles away.  

Kid-Friendly Home Features

What do kids value more than square footage, kitchen finishes, and flooring options? Space to play! Give your kids the chance to become a fairytale king or queen with their very own loft space or keep the noise (and mess!) at a minimum with a designated playroom. Eastbrook Homes offers a number of kid-friendly home features, including:

  • Loft Space – Positioned near the top of the home, loft spaces are easily reimagined into castle towers, moon landings, and art studios. Take advantage of natural light with large windows and safe, easy-to-monitor playspaces. Add a few toys, art supplies, and musical instruments to watch the creativity unfold!
  • Separate Playroom – Want to give your kids the joy of movie time without getting repetitive kids’ songs stuck in your head? Take advantage of a separate playroom made just for kids! Add a desk for the perfect homework station or toss in a daybed for sleepover fun. 
  • Mudroom – Keep mud, sticks, and nature’s treasures outside by including a mudroom in your dream home plan. Mudrooms are perfect for collecting dirt, shoes, and backpacks so you can keep your home clean and organized no matter the season. 
  • Outside Space to Play – Parks and beaches are great, but backyard playspaces offer the convenience of outdoor recreation without needing to leave home. Consider investing in a deck, porch, or screened-in outdoor space so kids can play outside even in bad weather. Include a fence for added privacy and safety.

Are you looking for kid-friendly homes close to family-focused amenities, resources, and entertainment? Look no further than Eastbrook Homes, West Michigan and the Greater Lansing Area’s premiere homebuilder. We specialize in building customizable homes in exceptional communities with instant access to some of the best beaches, cities, and recreation opportunities Michigan has to offer. Connect with our experienced sales team today to start building a home the whole family will enjoy for generations to come. 

Published on 09/06/2022

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