Great Reasons Why Greater Lansing Could Be Your Next Home

Great Reasons Why Greater Lansing Could Be Your Next Home | Eastbrook Homes

Great Reasons Why Greater Lansing Could Be Your Next Home

There are a lot of great cities and towns in West Michigan that make it a great destination for summer vacations, or for long weekend getaways. However, West Michigan also regularly contributes a couple of area codes to Top Ten lists of the best places to live in the US.

Lansing: A Top Ten Place To Live

One of those top destinations is Lansing, Michigan. Nestled a little East of Grand Rapids and perched on the banks of Michigan’s mighty Grand River, Lansing is home to great schools, beautiful parks, fun attractions, and so much more.

This week on At Home with Eastbrook Homes, tune in as we chat with Eric Hultgren and Eastbrook’s own Carin Whybrew about the Greater Lansing area and why it could be the perfect choice for your next home.

A Small-Town Feel With Big-Town Amenities

Listen in as Carin, a 28-year veteran of the Real Estate industry living in Okemos, describes Lansing and why she’s passionate about this vibrant community. With its population of about 119,000 people, Lansing has a small-town feel but still offers residents all the big-town amenities.

As the home of Michigan State University, Lansing also has great education opportunities to offer. The area features top-rated hospitals with several healthcare organizations set to open new locations in 2021 and beyond.

So Many Adventures, So Close To Home

Lansing also features Amtrak rail lines between its walkable downtown and bigger cities like Chicago, making it easy to run off for a weekend adventure.

Listen as Carin describes some of the great outdoor attractions too, such as Lansing’s extensive walking trail systems, swimmable lakes, boating, kayaking, and the beautiful dog parks available around the city.

With so much to share about her hometown, it’s easy to see why Carin loves living in the Great Lansing area. In fact, she greets new residents with a hearty “Congratulations.”

Please click the link below to hear the complete interview on this episode of At Home with Eastbrook Homes and see why Carin Whybrew is passionate about living in the Greater Lansing area.

If you are considering a move and new home in Lansing or elsewhere, please reach out to our team of Expert Sales Agents and let’s get started on the home of your dreams!

Published on 06/29/2021

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