Reasons to Buy New in the Current Market

Reasons to Buy New in the Current Market | Eastbrook Homes

Reasons to Buy New in the Current Market

We love talking with colleagues, friends, and potential clients about the real estate market. The market continues to trend upwards across the country, and we feel particularly lucky to be operating in multiple of the hottest regional markets. A robust market including high quality new homes seems likely to be good for sellers and buyers alike for some time.

If you are starting to consider a home purchase, we know how overwhelming it can feel. With 55+ years of experience helping families find the homes of their dreams, we also know how to help point you in the right direction. Here are some of the main reasons you should consider buying and building a new home.

Customize and Enjoy.

One of the most exciting parts of the process, for us and our clients, is being able to design the home of your dreams. With a wide range of base plans to start from and countless customizable features, we can help you create a home you will love from day one.

No New Projects.

While it is certainly possible to find an existing home on the market that you absolutely adore, odds are you will want to replace or remodel something early on after purchase. Whether it is new flooring, new paint colors, or new countertops, existing homes usually have a day one project- a new home will eliminate that need.

Minimize Maintenance.

A new home is going to be designed and built with the newest technology and most durable products, which will help cut your maintenance costs. You can also design a home to include new appliances or room for the ones you currently own, which eliminates questions about how appliances in existing homes have been used or misused.

Warranty Protection.

An added bonus is that any problems caught during inspection will be fixed before closing. Beyond closing, you can also have a one-year limited warranty that covers some costs for repair problems that develop after you move in.

Move-In Ready.

You will not have to worry about a seller who decides they want to rent back or push their move-out date for some reason or another. Once the home is finished and closed, you will be ready to move in, enjoy your new home and your new community.

There are many more reasons you will love about buying a new built home, including many that will save you money now and in the future! To learn more from our team of experts, email us to set an appointment today.

Published on 07/11/2017

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