Covid-19 and the Housing Market

Covid-19 and the Housing Market


Covid-19 and the Housing Market 

Date Posted: April 14, 2020. Please click here to see our updated COVID-19 Response.

In this time of uncertainty, there have been a lot of questions and concerns about the housing market and construction industry. There are a lot of variables which may impact everyone differently, and while it may be a good time to buy for some people, it may not be for others.

Eastbrook Homes is committed to helping you navigate the housing market and new home construction through this unprecedented time.

Our expert sales team and their extensive knowledge of the housing industry can help provide answers to the questions relating to your unique situation. Whether your concerns are about your existing construction project, your plans for the future, or the market in general, we’re here to help.

Is Eastbrook Homes Still At Work?

We are currently operating at an “essentials only” basis with most of our employees working from home. Our Sales Teams is available for virtual meetings or you can make an appointment for showings beginning May 7. All meetings will follow CDC recommendations. If you have questions about this, please feel free to reach out!

Has Construction Resumed?

Per the Governor’s order, construction can fully resume in our communities. Prior to this, some exterior work like grading, concrete and landscaping were deemed essential to protect the environment. In all cases, Eastbrook Homes has provided information to our subcontractors and suppliers to help provide a safe environment. While activity is increasing, the best way for your family to remain safe is to maintain your social distance from the construction activity.

Can I Still Buy a Home?

Yes! We are still selling people their dream homes and have been averaging a sale a day since the Shelter in Place Order occurred. This process may look a little different, but we can explain it in depth over a video chat, phone call, or during a scheduled appointment.

Are Home Prices Likely to go Up or Down?

Home prices have seen shifts both up and down, but the price of homes already on the market have generally remained steady. Once the Michigan housing market is back online, prices may change but it’s looking stable as of now.

Recent research has shown some shifts in interest with home buyers showing more interest in homes outside of cities which may create some changes in home prices. However, the best thing to do is watch and wait and always, reach out to us with questions.

Is it Possible to Tour a Home for Sale?

First, please note that many homes are available for virtual tours. Eastbrook Homes has our own options for viewing our models for buyers who might be interested. Many of our models have 3D tours available on our website, where buyers can “walk-through” the home online by moving the mouse. For a great example, check out this tour of our Channing model home.

Second, we are offering on-site scheduled tours in accordance to CDC recommendations. If you are interested in a new, clean home during this time, rest assured, we can make that happen. This then puts you ahead of the real estate game once the statewide shutdown is over.

We’re Here…

Until life in Michigan and the rest of the US returns to normal, the team here at Eastbrook Homes is getting by at home just like everyone else. We are following the guidelines for the safety of our staff and for our potential clients.

These are challenging times for everyone, but we’ll get through and by working together, we’ll pick up where we left off and continue to do the very best for our clients, and for our families.

Until then, we’re here for you with answers to questions about your new construction, your upcoming needs, and your future growth and wish list.

Stay safe and stay well!

Published on 04/14/2020

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