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Style Guide – Modern

Are you looking for clean, uncluttered, functional living spaces? Modern design may be the perfect fit for you! Modern design was inspired at the turn of the century when artists conceptualized pieces that stood apart from the traditional, highly-detailed Victorian styles of the time. With an emphasis on minimalist living, modern designers took a page from Scandinavian culture to bring the warmth and simplicity of modern design to homes across America. 

Eastbrook Homes invites you to join along on our Eastbrook Homes Style Guide journey as we explore what modern design means in today’s home design environment. We’ll walk through some modern design key features and help differentiate between modern design and contemporary design. Come along as we share and discover some of our favorite tips and easy ways to implement modern design into your home. 

Key Modern Home Design Features

Modern design is all about removing the unnecessary, creating an easy path for your eyes to follow, and ensuring every detail is functional and free from frills. Textures are incredibly subtle and find their way into modern design through the use of natural materials like sheepskins and leather chairs. Warmth is found in small pops of color, usually replicating and mimicking what is found outside. 

Modern design uses:

  • Clean, simple, minimal forms
  • Straight, unadorned lines free from extra details
  • Home decor focused on functionality over fashion
  • Neutral and natural color palette – think white, wood, concrete, and monochrome
  • An open floor plan with plenty of light and large, almost invisible windows
  • Low, long furniture that allows your eye to move throughout the room
  • Natural materials like leather, wood, metal, and glass

Modern Design VS Contemporary Design

It’s easy to confuse modern design with contemporary design as we’re often under the impression they mean the same thing! In fact, they are two very separate and discernable styles with vastly different backgrounds. Modern design first captured the interest of worldwide designers from the early to mid-twentieth century (1900-1950). Contemporary design, in contrast, focuses on present-day trends, design features, and popular styles. Contemporary design doesn’t adhere to a specific time period or set of “rules,” and is often bound only by the confines of the present generation’s imagination.  

Easy Ways to Implement Modern Design in Your Home

  1. Declutter! Modern design revolves around simplicity and functionality. If it doesn’t capture simple form and long-lived function, it needs to go!
  2. Go natural. Bring the outside in with a few large, linear planters and geometric, leafy plants. Sandscapes with cacti are a great option for those lacking a green thumb!
  3. Go neutral. Create the perfect backdrop for your pops of plant greenery by painting your walls in shades of gray, white, beige, barely-blue, and soft green. 
  4. Swap out the standards. Upgrade hardware, faucets, and light fixtures to match the streamlined look of modern design. Focus on simple, natural, and functional. 
  5. Pay attention to the little things. Simply swapping your light switches from traditional toggle styles to rocker-style switches makes a huge difference in terms of an everyday modern feel.

Eastbrook Homes specializes in capturing your design style with customizable interior finishes, a wide variety of exterior elements, and hundreds of floor plan options to choose from. We take great pride in our ability to capture the style you desire while improving functionality and flow. Is a modern townhome, condo, or single-family home on the horizon for your family this year? Let Eastbrook Homes take the guesswork out of your home build and design choices by connecting you with our design team. Connect with us here to learn more about our floor plans, exterior details, and our unique Home Design Studio. Together we can create the modern home of your dreams!

Published on 03/29/2022

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