Style Guide: Bohemian

Style Guide: Bohemian

Style Guide: Bohemian

This week on the Eastbrook Homes blog, we’re circling back to our discussion on style and what’s hot right now. Although there are many long-lasting home decorating styles that come and go, Bohemian style never seems to fade away.

The term Bohemian dates back to the early 1800’s when it was used to describe the trends brought over from the Eastern European area of Bohemia.

With that, the laid back, casual, unique, and colorful Bohemian style was born.

Today, Bohemian has become a widely accepted style and even mainstream style of dress and decorating that’s reflected in people’s desire to create their own unique brand or style. With its casual feel, floral and paisley patterns, earthy tones, and natural materials, Bohemian style is warm and comfortable, making it equally popular in cottages or castles.

Although there are some common elements and practices, Bohemian has no real rules like some other trends or fashions. It is more personal, with each result being a creative mixture of materials, colors, patterns, and accents unique to the designer.

Here are some of the common ingredients to this casual, fun, and carefree style.

Tones and Colors

There are no requirements for Bohemian style, so it’s Okay to break the rules. Design foundations can be as bright and eclectic or warm and relaxing as desired. If purple and orange are your favorite colors, then just do it.

Warm, earthy tones can create a relaxing atmosphere while eclectic colors can build a more exciting environment, but the choice is yours.

Materials and Patterns

Bohemian style incorporates a lot of personal tastes and designs, with bright and earthy colors, floral and simple patterns, and multiple textures all mixed into one unique tapestry.

Natural materials like burlap with earthy browns and greens can be paired with bright purple and green chenille accents like pillows and throws.

Crochet, macrame, and fringe are popular at the moment, with a mix and match approach pulling pieces together that might not otherwise be paired up. Colorful tapestries and area rugs make great wall hangings and add color and warmth to any room, while throws on furniture or bedding add accents to natural backgrounds.


With Bohemian style, furnishings found in second-hand shops are popular shopping destinations for furnishings, accents, and other decorative pieces. Slightly worn but not damaged is in, making big, comfortable chairs and couches desirable additions to any home.

Plush, overstuffed, and comfortable is “in,” creating a welcoming environment that invites guests to sit awhile and chat. Since there are no rules, there’s no need for matching sets and each piece can be selected individually.

The key to Bohemian style is Fun. There is no right or wrong, or guidelines that need to be followed while designing and decorating your new home. After all, it is YOUR home, warm and comfortable, casual and laid back, with your own individual tastes and desires creating a one-of-a-kind personal atmosphere that’s uniquely yours.

Published on 08/17/2021

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