Spooky Season Style Guide

Spooky Season Style Guide

Autumn has arrived! There’s nothing quite like fall in Michigan – crisp lakeside breezes, over 775 beautiful apple orchards, and native trees that ignite in a firestorm of fall color. The very best part? You can bring the scents, colors, and joys of the glorious Michigan fall season into your home with just a few simple steps. 

Eastbrook Homes invites you to grab your favorite blanket and curl up with a mug of cider while we walk through our top Halloween-inspired decor tricks and fall decoration inspiration. Whether you’re into ghosts or gourds, we’ve found tips for every home and style. Come capture autumn’s essence with us! 

Spooky Season Style Guide

Halloween is a time for sugar, spice, and ghostly moonlit nights. Snare the spirit of the season with these Halloween-inspired style tips. They’re guaranteed to make the spooky season full of treats, not tricks! 

Carve Out a Palette

The easiest way to create a fun, cohesive haunted look is to focus on a specific palette. Stick with the traditional orange and black scheme, or maybe try a modern approach with shades of cream and turquoise. A blended fall palette with plaids in tan, red, and rust can feel cozy and comfortable, while jewel tones like glittery purple and blood-red can inject life into your graveyard scenes! 

Dig Up a Theme

Capture the best parts of Halloween by sticking with a theme. We know, we know – it’s hard to pick between fuzzy black cats, light-up ghosts, and one-eyed goblins, but choosing one or two spooky elements to focus on makes it easier to filter through options when shopping and keeps decor storage manageable (the overflowing holiday bin struggle is real!). Repeating shapes and characters like potion bottles and pointy hats are also incredibly pleasing to the eye – witch hut ambiance, anyone?

Brew Some Creativity

Decorating doesn’t need to break the bank or the brain! Use household items in unexpected places to bring a frightful twist to your Halloween-inspired decor this year. Try wrapping your front door like a mummy using toilet paper, craft a spooky garage door theme with painted wood cutouts, or create a pumpkin arch doorway with plastic pumpkin buckets! Windows, staircases, and entryway nooks are other great (out of the way!) places to stage some fright. 

Reanimate and Repurpose

Create timeless decorations by reusing objects and repurposing them into incredible works of art. Grab a set of battery-operated candles and hang them from the ceiling with fishing line to cast a floating light spell. Stuff old socks and shoes with leaves and place them alongside the bottom of your porch for wicked witch vibes. Find an old, abandoned dollhouse and turn it into an interactive haunted house with some paint and vintage dollhouse furniture – the more dingy, dark, and broken, the better!

Want to see how we spook it up during the Halloween season? Check out the Eastbrook Homes Halloween Party slideshow, below!

Fall Style Guide

Ghosts, goblins, and gargoyles not your thing? No problem! Fall in Michigan is so much more than graveyards and ghouls. Check out Eastbrook Homes’ favorite ways to bring the beauty of autumn to your home with just a few simple design techniques.

Harvest a Farmhouse Feeling

Nothing says harvest season like a farmhouse during fall. Showcase your love for seasonal bounty by grabbing some locally sourced hay bales and dried cornstalks. Tie stalks to light posts, mailboxes, or porch railings – use orange or red ribbon for a punch of color! Make your own scarecrow with hand-me-down flannels and overalls and recycle used toy tractors and pickup trucks to take the farmhouse vibes to the next level! Want the farmhouse look to stick around well after the leaves fall? Check out the Eastbrook Homes Modern Farmhouse Style Guide by clicking here.

Forage for Autumn Beauty

Invite the beauty of the season into your home by stepping outside and following nature’s lead! Foraged flowers and dried grasses are gorgeous, simple ways to spruce up an entryway, tablescape, or bathroom counter. Make your own wreath forms with pliable vines and add dried flowers for color and interest. Don’t forget to forage around your local garage sales for vintage containers, crates, and vases to show off your finds! 

Create Gourd-geous Scenes and Tablescapes

Pumpkins and gourds are the perfect autumn addition to any fall design. They are incredibly versatile – you can carve, paint, and decorate pumpkins with sticker faces, flannel, or ribbon, or try using pumpkins as vases for short-stemmed flower arrangements! Michigan proudly grows hundreds of thousands of pumpkins every year in nearly every color, shape, and size. Arrange a blend of pumpkin types and gourds around your Eastbrook Homes Michigan Room, or create a pumpkin-themed tablescape complete with matching napkins, tree branch cross-section coasters, and copper vases.

Spice Up the Front Porch

Think the chillier weather means you need to move the party indoors? Think again! With a few strategic (and festive!) design elements, you can extend the outdoor season and create a welcoming, visually appealing front porch for all to enjoy. Grab some fluffy blankets and autumn throw pillows for the front porch swing. Invest in a few rocking chairs and angle them toward one another to invite warm sunset conversations. Don’t forget end tables to hold steaming mugs of cocoa or chai – tree stumps work wonderfully and add rustic charm!

We love dressing our show homes up for fall! Flip through the slideshow below to see our autumn decorating in action!

Designing the perfect Halloween and fall-inspired home doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. Eastbrook Homes invites you to follow your imagination outdoors and beyond to bring the beauty of fall in Michigan to your home. Happy decorating!

Have you tried some of our style guide tips and tricks? We’d love to see your designs! Share them by snapping a photo, uploading to social media, and tagging our Facebook or Instagram page. A very Happy Fall to you all, from your favorite West Michigan home builder, Eastbrook Homes.

Published on 10/26/2021

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