2022 Home Design Trends

2022 Home Design Trends

2022 Home Design Trends

The New Year ushers in all the excitement, glitter, and gold of the latest home design trends. From calming color palettes taken from nature, to antique treasures that capture the timelessness of vintage aesthetic, 2022’s design trends are overflowing with effortless artistry. Grab a notebook and your favorite pen and join Eastbrook Homes as we gather our most inspiring ways to invigorate your home with a fresh, new look this year.

Landscape Palettes

Take a cue from nature’s wisdom by filling your home with the delicate, stress-relieving colors of the great outdoors. Surround yourself with the calming, relaxing effect of mossy greens, sky blue hues, and terra cotta tones. Accent your walls, add pops of color to your furnishings, and spruce up your favorite rooms with simple, classic pieces in organic shades.

DIY Creations as Accents

Elevate your home and sense of creativity by designing your own accent pieces. Design your own light fixture or side table. Give new life to thrifted finds with a little paint and shiny new hardware. Inject color and texture with easy-to-craft pillow covers, curtains, and wall decor. Add personality to every room with innovative ideas you can create (and show off!) yourself.

Multifunctional Spaces

Flexibility is the name of the game this year, with guest rooms functioning as playrooms and home offices doubling as study rooms and libraries. Make any room in your home multifunctional with a few inventive, simple changes. Save space with attractive storage solutions and sliding barn doors. Swap a sideboard for a stylish desk, upgrade your couch to a sofa bed or designer futon, or create a coffee nook within your favorite bookshelf.

Vintage Accents

Treasured vintage finds are taking center stage this year with an emphasis on timeless pieces that capture the heart and soul of heartwarming, time-honored origin stories. From family heirlooms to estate sale scores, vintage accents are surefire conversation pieces that simultaneously bring personality, style, and whimsy to your home.

Green Hues

Seeking peace and relaxation? Try inviting the calming, luxurious shades of green into your home. Known for their anti-anxiety attributes, green tones are lighting up this year’s design trends and can be found in everything from throw pillows and soft furnishings to kitchen cabinets and wall colors. Try adding pops of green with easy-to-care-for houseplants – they freshen up the look of your home with the added bonus of freshening up your air quality, too!

Neutral Shades

With so many of us seeking outdoor adventures and travel, it’s easy to see why natural, organic colors are topping this year’s design trends. The neutral tones of sand, sage, and swan-like ivory invoke a sense of simplicity and natural calm. Use neutral design tones as a complete look on walls and furnishings or as a backdrop for pops of color and accent pieces. 

Designing your home can be one of the most rewarding and long-lasting sources of joy in life. Did you know that when you build with Eastbrook, you gain exclusive access to our Home Creation Studio? You’re gifted the opportunity to meet with your own personal interior designer to walk through and experience all the home design features and options available for your dream home. Touch, feel, and immerse yourself in the Eastbrook Homes difference by connecting with one of our experienced home-building experts today.

Published on 01/04/2022

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