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Your Trusted Advisor

Eastbrook Homes is proud to be one of the Trusted Advisors listed on the website for our local channel, Fox17. The Trusted Advisor page contains links and info for local companies that the station believes are trustworthy resources for local homeowners who need some assistance.

As a Trusted Advisor, Eastbrook is helping to inform and educate homeowners who might need some extra guidance or assistance.

On the Fox17 Trusted Advisor page, we discuss topics that range from understanding the value of your home’s equity to staging your home for a quick sale.

Today, we would like to highlight a few of the videos from our library on Fox17’s website. You can see the entire library by following this link.

Home Equity

Our first video explains your home’s equity and why it is so important to build equity in your home. Equity provides a resource you can use to improve your existing home or to help purchase a new home. Watch as Sales Agent Martha Thomas helps people learn more.



Home Loans

Our second video discusses home loans and PMI – or Private Mortgage Insurance. Both of these are important topics to understand when buying a new home. Tune in as Becky Sims from Lake Michigan Credit Union explains why.



Housing Market Trends

Our third video covers Spring Trends in the current housing market and how they might affect you or your plans to purchase a new home. To learn more, watch Sales Agent Kurt Sudinski from Eastbrook Homes discuss the trends affecting West Michigan home buyers right now.



Home Staging

Our fourth video teaches you how to stage your home in this exceedingly competitive market. Get the most money for your home by following Sales Agent Maureen Smith’s staging tips in this segment.



Check out the rest of our library on the Fox17 Trusted Advisors page to learn more about the topics that help homeowners and homebuyers stay informed and educated.

Please contact us here at Eastbrook Homes for more information!


Published on 05/11/2021

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