At Home with Eastbrook, Featuring our very own Jeff Costello

At Home with Eastbrook, Featuring our very own Jeff Costello | Eastbrook Homes


At Home with Eastbrook, Featuring our very own Jeff Costello

Welcome back to another episode of At Home with Eastbrook featuring Sales Agent, Jeff Costello. Jeff and Eric Hultgren discuss the highs and lows of today’s market covering inventory, interest rates, and how to get ahead when house hunting.

You’ll also hear Jeff share some tips and tricks for navigating the current market. Listen in as Jeff discusses how important it is for buyers to do their homework to know what they want, and to be ready to go after it.

Jeff recommends that buyers have a pre-approval letter in hand because sellers want to know they are working with someone qualified. Right now, interest rates are working in the buyer’s favor so be prepared.

Jeff and Eric also discuss the role of Covid in the market and how working from home also means spending far more time at home, and how it may be driving people to make the jump to a bigger home, or one with more bedrooms, or a ready-made office.

According to Jeff, it’s important to have a plan, do the homework to know which home, or which floorplans, or features they want and then reaching out to the Eastbrook team to start the purchase process.

Jeff and Eric also talk about how fast today’s market is moving. Prices change rapidly and houses sell overnight, and how buyers need to be ready to move quickly.

Eric discusses how many people may not want to try to dive into the house-hunting process, and for those people, building is a better option. Although the building process has been slowed by the pandemic, people who want to build can get the home they really want.

For those people who want to build a new home, Eastbrook has created a Transparency Page on our website to keep everyone posted of changes, updates, and information about Eastbrook Homes and the housing market.

You won’t want to miss the real estate insight in this week’s podcast. To listen in, please Click Here to visit the podcast page or click on the link below.

For more information on today’s market and Eastbrook updates, please Click Here to go to our new Transparency Page or click on the link below.

If you are looking to build the home of your dreams in 2021, please reach out to one of our expert sales agents and let’s get the conversation started!


Published on 04/13/2021

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