Who’s Who on Your Building Team

Building a home isn’t a solo effort: it takes a number of talented individuals and teams to design, draw, price out, and construct your personalized home. If you’re considering building and are looking for a behind-the-scenes understanding of what your EB Building Team does, this is the article for you. 

“Meet” your EB Building Team by reading through the various roles and learn when and how you’ll communicate with each team member!

  • Online Sales Team: Our amazing Online Sales Team is often your first point of contact at Eastbrook Homes. When you first inquire about home building or a move-in home through the website, Zillow, email, etc., you will chat with an expert Online Sales Specialist about your desired price-point, location, amenities, home style, and more. They will help you narrow down your ideal communities and set up an appointment with a Sales Agent.
  • Preferred Lender: Before you meet with a Sales Agent, we recommend that you talk with a Preferred Lender about getting pre-approved. A pre-approval letter will better help you and our team narrow down where and what you can build, based on a budget you set for yourself.
  • Eastbrook Sales Agent: An Eastbrook Sales Agent is a true expert on both the community you’re interested in, as well as our building process. When you meet with an agent, you’ll explore your wants and needs in a home, home site availabilities, home plan options, school district, and more. Together, you can create a Home Pricing Guide (HPG) which begins the process of putting your home onto paper. Your Sales Agent will be a helpful point-person throughout your entire building process. 
  • HCS Coordinator: Once you’ve signed your New Home Agreement and made it official, the building process can begin! First, you’ll receive an email from the HCS Coordinator to schedule a call. On this call, you will schedule all of your design meetings. The HCS Coordinator will assist you with the scheduling of your appointments, and then connect you with your Interior Designer. 
  • Structural Team Member: Depending on your Selection Service Level, you’ll either work with your Sales Agent or a Structural Team Member to solidify your home’s structure and options. Together, you’ll make sure that your home is completely outlined on paper, and that it’s ready to move onto the next step. 
  • Interior Designer: Work with a professional Interior Designer on your home design! Your Interior Designer will walk you through selections in our Home Creation Studio, as well as pull design palettes based on your preferences. Come ready with your ideas, style inspiration, color preferences and more! 
  • Construction Manager: After your home plans travel through our Architecture Department, you will meet your Construction Manager to review your final plans, the building process, and the estimated month of completion.  From then on, your Construction Manager will update you on your home’s progress and be your contact throughout the construction period. 
  • Customer Closing Manager: When your home nears completion, you will receive an email from our Closing Department which provides you with details on what you need to close on your home. The Customer Closing Manager will assist you with scheduling your closing and can help answer any questions. 
  • Customer Service Coordinator: Congrats, you own a new home! Your next point of contact will be our Customer Service Coordinator, who you will communicate with about your three Warranty Meetings: Paint Touch-Up (optional, you can reach out to schedule), Primary Warranty Meeting, and your Anniversary Warranty Meeting.  
  • Service Manager: Your Service Manager will be your main point of contact post-close, regarding any warranty needs or issues. You will have up to three meetings with your Service Manager if you choose. The first is an optional Paint-Touch Up, which you can schedule within 30 days of closing. The second is the Primary Warranty Meeting, which is scheduled by the Customer Service Department 90 days after close. Here, your Service Manager will go through your warranty list and ensure that you are satisfied with your home. The third meeting is an Anniversary Warranty Meeting where you again review your list of warranty items, if you have any. 

There are of course many other people involved in the behind-the-scenes of your home build, from the Architecture Team to the Estimating Department. Eastbrook Homes prides itself on cultivating a team of new home experts who will infuse industry knowledge into each and every home we build. 

To learn more about the Eastbrook Building Process, we invite you to discover our interactive page which details out each step!

Published on 24/05/2022

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