Vendor Highlight with Habitat Management of Michigan

Vendor Highlight with Habitat Management of Michigan

Eastbrook Homes takes pride in building sustainable, stunning communities that last for generations. Our dedication to building among West Michigan’s landscapes in the most environmentally-beneficial way possible starts at the very beginning during our community planning phase. We partner with local, like-minded land stewards to ensure our communities’ natural resources are protected and properly utilized before we even break ground. These alliances, like our collaboration with Habitat Management of Michigan, allow us to plan our communities with longevity, natural beauty, and wildlife habitat enhancement in mind.

Habitat Management of Michigan

Habitat Management of Michigan offers woodland property management services through planning consultations, land and timber clearing, and habitat management techniques. A West Michigan timber management business since 2008, Habitat Management of Michigan began by introducing a new way to harvest timber, one that puts habitat survival and sustainability first. 

Their unique timber management process begins by considering the long-term goals and objectives of each space. Instead of simply removing trees for the sake of quick access and short-term ease, Habitat Management of Michigan develops long-term plans and property utilization methods designed around trees, habitats, and sustainable reforestation. Their efforts result in a symbiotic relationship between property owners and West Michigan’s natural resources. By considering the impact and unique goals of each land parcel, they create sustainable land development plans that expertly align each affected party so all can enjoy long-term success.  

When they do need to harvest trees, Habitat Management of Michigan makes it their mission to use every part of each harvested tree, from treetops to roots. Leaves become compost, top wood turns into landscaping mulch, stem wood transforms into plywood or hardwood flooring, and stumps are made into finely-ground wood and dirt products. They also craft reforestation plans to replace trees that must be removed and add native diversity to future communities.     

Between sustainably managing timber and creating customized, ethical land management plans, Habitat Management of Michigan partners with local and nationwide preservation organizations to protect vital aspects of West Michigan’s most important natural resources. Their Honey Bee Rescue program allows for the safe removal of honeybee colonies discovered during timber harvesting. By working alongside an experienced local beekeeper, Habitat Management of Michigan ensures all local bee colonies are relocated to safe, protected homes and habitats. They also partner with the USDA National Forest Service to create habitats for thousands of blue butterflies, a threatened population of important local pollinators.

Eco-Friendly With Eastbrook Homes 

Eastbrook Homes deeply values our natural resources and that’s why partnerships with organizations like Habitat Management of Michigan are an important part of our community planning process. We intentionally plan each Eastbrook community around West Michigan and Greater Lansing Area landscapes to ensure our homes add to the beauty around them for generations to come. We want our Eastbrook families to arrive home to tree-lined streets and forest-bordered backyards so they can enjoy the beauty of Michigan’s year-round flora and fauna. By building in harmony with nature, Eastbrook Homes constructs communities and ecosystems for long-term sustainability and thriving, long-lasting impact.  

Published on 07/03/2023

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