What to Expect on Closing Day

What to Expect on Closing Day

You’ve secured your home loan, selected your dream home plan, and watched as your new home transformed from foundation to finished product. What’s next? 

Closing on your home is the final step in owning your own home. This is the part of the homeownership process that allows you to officially take possession of your new home, establish monthly mortgage payments, and obtain the keys to move in. While the paperwork can initially seem overwhelming, closing on your home is an exciting, celebratory time made easier with the help of Eastbrook’s Customer Closing Manager, Laura. 

Join Laura as she shares the most frequently asked questions she receives from homeowners during the home closing process. From preparing for your closing and transferring utilities to determining mortgage payment schedules and understanding who should be present at the closing appointment, Laura details the most important things to know before closing on your new home. 

Published on 07/09/2022

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