The Collections – A New Design Process

Townhome Palettes

Eastbrook Homes is proud to introduce “The Collections”, a series of style-driven palettes that offer you a streamlined selections experience. This service is currently exclusive to select Townhome and Condo home plans, which work with any of our five core Collections: The Classic Collection, the Natural Collection, the Cool Simplicity Collection, the Modern Collection, and the Farmhouse Collection. Within each of these palettes, you have the opportunity to personalize your home by investing in one of our curated enhancements, such as a tile shower or electric fireplace. This unique buying experience will save you time, reduce decision fatigue, and give you confidence that your home will look remarkable. 

When you build your home with one of our Collections, you will follow a unique design process. Read more about that process below!

1. Collection Selection: 

When you meet with your Sales Agent to sign your New Home Agreement, you will also be choosing a unique Collection to invest in! This Collection includes all of the selections for your home, from flooring to the kitchen cabinets. Your Sales Agent will walk you through 5 curated Collections, as well as the enhancement options that are available to you for further investment. You will have access to the physical samples of each Collection, as well as stunning professional photos to browse through. Once you have selected your Collection, pre-priced structural options, and any enhancement options, there are just two more steps to seal the deal: provide your final deposit and sign on the dotted line. It’s as simple and streamlined as that!

2. Design Processing: 

Your home design is officially underway! At this stage of the journey, your chosen Collection, structural options, and additional enhancements, will get processed by our Design Team. The Designer will then outline your home on paper and send it off to the Architecture Team. 

3. Architecture: 

From here, the Architecture Team will draw your complete set of plans, which are the blueprints that the Construction Team will use to build your home. 

4. Pre-Construction Meeting: 

At this meeting, you will review the complete plans with your Sales Agent and Construction Manager to ensure that everything is in tip-top shape. After this step, your home’s construction can officially begin. 

To learn more about this design process, or to see the Collections in person, please contact our team today!

Published on 20/02/2023

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