Know Your Options – Section 6: Living Spaces

Section 6: Living Spaces

Your home is your safe haven, filled with comfort and warmth. The following living space options provide just that. Let’s start with fireplaces!

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Designer Tips From The Video:

  1. Ask your designer what fireplace options are available to you based on your home plan.
  2. Please note that a textured ceiling is included in every home; if you want something different, we have options to choose from!
  3. Your home also comes with a specified lighting package; you can view what’s included through Envision.

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Your home is your safe haven, filled with comfort and warmth. The following living space options provide just that. Let’s start with fireplaces!

Many home plans will allow you to add a fireplace.  In some of our home series, a gas fireplace with tile surround is already included, coupled with 2 different included mantle styles to choose from.  If your home does not include this feature, typically it is something you will have the option to add. You can even select an electric modern fireplace option if gas is not for you.

You can also choose to invest in a Stone surround, alternate tile selection or an alternate mantle style.

Built in shelving next to your fireplace is a great touch for highlighting various decor, books or photos.

Another detail not to be forgotten are your stairway posts and spindles. If your home plan has a second level or basement, you will have a stairway that typically has some portion of a half wall built into it. If that is the case, one other very impactful design detail that you could consider adding would be a Deluxe newel post, spindles, or both.

A deluxe newel post is a great cross between cottage and craftsman style. This can be added to just the knee-wall or in combination with one of the various spindle styles.

Tapered Spindles are a more classic and traditional look.

Cottage spindles are very versatile and compliment everything from a more modern style to a craftsmen style.

Iron spindles add some contrast and a completely different texture to your interior

We also have a Modern Railing which is great for a more contemporary or mid-century modern look.

You can always reference all of the fireplace stairwell options through the Eastbrook’s online design center.

Another important detail to note is your ceiling!

This is another great space for you to add your personal touch or style. The included feature in every home is a painted Textured Ceiling. If you want to add structural definition, tray ceilings will give your more height, or they can be built down to add visual depth. You’ll need to consult your designer on what plans this applies to.

Simple or Craftsmen details (that are typically added over an island) are a great character element.  They really add a wow factor to any kitchen.  Painting them the trim color or highlighting them with an accent color can really make a statement.

You could also opt for Stained or painted beams, these are a great visual feature that can add character or highlight an architectural detail such as a V-Groove panel, or beadboard.

To add some elegance to your space, you could add a decorative Crown Moulding to enhance the visual transition from the wall to the ceiling.

One area that we have yet to mention but is imperative to your home design is lighting.

The world of lighting is vast, but our team has done the heavy lifting for you to narrow down the options. We offer the latest and greatest in both style and trends. Your home plan includes a lighting package – however if you’d like to change your look Eastbrook’s online design center has a wide variety of selections you can explore. As a part of your planning be sure to consider what other types of illumination would best enhance your lifestyle. This could include, Ceiling Fans, Pendant Lights, or even the convenience of a dimmer switch.

One of my favorite options for my home was the addition of a switched outlet, this allows for easy control of holiday lights or lamps with a light switch. Just goes to show that it’s the simple things that make some of the biggest impacts.

There are also a ton of other lifestyle options to help make your home the perfect fit for you. These could include pre-wiring for televisions or speakers, additional HVAC setups, or even hot and cold water in the garage. Because these are all very important considerations, your designer will help you work through them and can guide you to the best fits for your needs.

Organizational Details are the last interior detail you’ll want some insight on. In case you haven’t heard it before, when it comes to your options, every plan is different. Be sure to consult your sales agent and designer for details on what options are available for your specific home plan. 

When doing so remember that storage is an important component to any home. We offer a variety of organizational and visually awesome options for mudrooms, laundry rooms and other spaces. You can change up your shelving from wire to wood, add hooks, lockers, or even a bench to your mudroom.

These are all great ways to maintain your space, without sacrificing your style.

For laundry rooms its always good to consider adding a wall cabinet for storing soaps and other miscellaneous items, or if your space allows – incorporating a sink or a countertop for some extra working space.

Many of the choices you’ll make for living spaces are based on your lifestyle, as well as your aesthetic. Don’t hesitate to ask your designer about optional amenities to add ease and convenience to your home.  

Published on 13/01/2022

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