Meet Eastbrook President and CEO Mick McGraw!

Meet Eastbrook President and CEO Mick McGraw! | Eastbrook Homes


Meet Eastbrook President and CEO Mick McGraw!

A good leader shows the world what he or she can do. A great leader teaches their team what they can do.

This week on the Eastbrook Homes blog, we would like to introduce you to a great leader – Eastbrook’s own President and CEO, Mick McGraw, through The Wow Factor podcast. Join host Brad Formsma as he gives great leaders a platform to share their wisdom and experience with listeners around the world.

Although he the leader of one of Michigan’s largest, most successful homebuilders, Mick McGraw is also an advocate, supporter, and servant who gives back to the local community. This is demonstrated through direct action, and by sharing his wisdom and leadership experience in order to promote responsible business practices, affordable housing, water quality, and much more.

When he is not working hard to improve the lives of West Michigan & Lansing residents, Mick McGraw can also be found giving a great deal of his time and resources to improve the lives of children and young adults.

Mick McGraw has served on the boards of non-profit organizations and foundations which provide direction and guidance to the housing industry and works to preserve and improve the environment.

Tune in to The Wow Factor podcast as Brad Formsma and Mick McGraw discuss topics that include growing and developing as a leader, learning from your mistakes, and how building strong relationships is critical to becoming a successful leader in any capacity.

Click the link below to meet Mick McGraw, and to discover how the CEO of Eastbrook Homes built a successful company, led his team through several financial storms, and grew to be the 95th largest homebuilder in the US – all while genuinely loving the process of building his clients dream homes.


Published on 04/27/2021

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