The Remote Work Revolution has Begun!

The Remote Work Revolution has Begun! | Eastbrook Homes

We have seen many changes in the US due to the far-reaching effects of Covid-19, but one of the more interesting shifts has been the recent Work from Home revolution. Although people have been officially working from home for several years, a huge wave of home offices were born out of the need to slow the spread of Covid-19

Many companies are discovering their employees are very often more productive when they have the freedom to work from their own home office, whether they spend part of the work week at home, or work out of their house full time.

This has also led people who had no official workspace in their homes to set aside a spare room, or reclaim space used for hobbies or other things and turn it into a real home office. Especially if they live further away from their employer.

As video conferencing has grown in acceptance and popularity, the need to work side by side with other employees has been dramatically reduced. Apps like Skype, Google Meet, and Zoom have made it easy for staff members to link up online as if they were all in the same room.

The same revolution has changed many home buyer’s priorities as well. As the option to work from home is offered by more employers, many employees face new options and considerations for their home choice or their new home’s design.

In the past, many people have chosen to live in an area based on its proximity to their employer. However, working from home provides employees with many new lifestyle options. For those who wish to live outside of the city, a home office provides the option to work from the suburbs or rural areas and still work for a company in the city.

A recent survey conducted by The Harris Poll shows that more than 75% of the employees who were given the opportunity to work from home would continue the practice if given the choice. In fact, the housing market has seen a marked uptick in interest, with April’s page views on Zillow up 18 percent over 2019.

Many people would also consider moving to a new location or new home to improve their workspace. In fact, 66 percent of the people surveyed would consider moving if they were able to work from home.

Of those employees, 31% would consider moving to a new home to get dedicated office space. 30% would move to a larger home, and 29% would consider moving to a house with more rooms to create a dedicated workspace.

At Eastbrook Homes, we have several options available for people interested in adding or expanding a home office. For those interested in buying a new home, our expert team can help design your dream home with dedicated office space that’s comfortable and stylish.

We also offer YourCanvas homes that save our new home buyers time and simplifies the building process. With the exterior design, selections, and structural options already done, all that’s left to do is choose interior features and finishes and pick the best space for a new home office.

We can also help new home buyers in West Michigan, Greater Lansing, or Auburn, Alabama find a showcase home with dedicated space already included.

Whether you’d like more control over the building process and home design process or would like to purchase a move-in ready home that’s perfect for your lifestyle, we have the perfect option to meet your needs.

For more information about our new home options, please reach out to one of our expert sales agents today and let us help you find the home, and home office, or your dreams.

We’d also love to show you how Eastbrook Homes always gives you more home for your money!


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