The Heart of Taste and Tour

The Heart of Taste and Tour | Eastbrook Homes

For the last three years, Fall’s approach meant our thoughts turned to our annual Taste and Tour event and the non-profit partners that the event helped to support.

For the last three years, Taste and Tour included open house events in many of our communities where guests could tour new floor plans, see new phases, sample food and drinks from local eateries, and meet representatives from each non-profit partner we hoped to support.

However, this year is different. To help in the fight against Covid-19, we are not able to have the open houses and the other events that make Taste and Tour so much fun.

Our communities have experienced a lot of difficult change this past year, but we’ve also seen individuals and organizations rise above the challenge to discover new reserves and creatively meet community needs.

The heart behind Taste and Tour has always been community giving. This year, we decided the best way to do that is to go directly to the source and financially support each non-profit’s individual fundraising efforts in lieu of hosting our usual Taste and Tour events.

We are proud to partner with 17 organizations that continue to promote community growth, even during a pandemic.

This year, we are supporting these 17 non-profits by directly donating a total of $130,000. Each organization will receive $7500 to put towards their own fundraising efforts which include matching donations, virtual events, and social campaigns.

From September to December, we will be sharing a series of virtual events from each of these organizations along with social campaigns, Giving Tuesday plans, and more.

We encourage our communities to support all of these non-profits as well. With coronavirus still affecting our communities, so many people need extra love and resources and these non-profits work tirelessly to fill those needs.

Like many events around the world, the Eastbrook Homes Taste and Tour 2020 event has been affected by Covid-19. Instead of canceling the event completely, we found another way to make it happen so please join us in celebrating our 4th annual Taste and Tour and help us support the people in our communities who need it most.

For more information about Taste and Tour and how we are supporting our non-profit partners, or for information about those organizations and how you can help support them too, please click the link below. 

Click Here to visit our Taste and Tour 2020 page.


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