The Best Community Includes You

At Eastbrook Homes, we do our very best to create each of our communities with several important considerations in mind. First, we design each phase around the natural features of land while doing our best to protect the trees and natural features with as little disruption as possible, instead of the other way around.

We also create each community around one of the most important resources we all share. We design our communities to promote human connections and interaction and plenty of places to connect with friends and neighbors throughout each one.

In other words, we design and build our communities to be just that – communities.

We do our best to provide the resources our Eastbrook family members need to do more than just reside in our communities. We try our best to ensure that all of our communities make social events, holiday gatherings, and much more easy to create and fun to host.

We want our family members to do more than live in their neighborhood, we want our Eastbrook homeowners to belong there.

However, there are many things our Family members can do to feel like they are a part of their community too and today, we’d like to give our visitors some tips. Whether your current home is an Eastbrook Community or you’re interested in moving to one of our beautiful West Michigan, Greater Lansing, or Auburn, Alabama locations, here are ways you can do more than just reside there.

Be Neighborly, not just a Neighbor

Sometimes the people who live closest to you are the ones you interact with the least. It can be easy to see the family next door as just the people across the driveway, or across the street as just the neighbors, but sometimes your neighbors can be your best friends or allies.

If you’re moving to a new home, don’t wait – introduce yourself to those around you and get to know the people next door. Host a wine and cheese party, or a movie night. Arrange play dates for dogs, or help out with a yard sale for the people on the corner.

Get involved to make connections with those around you.

Be Respectful and Caring

In any neighborhood, it’s easy to forget where one family’s yard ends and your own garden begins. But, arguments over simple things like parking or playing across the borders can create easily avoidable conflict.

To be a good neighbor, remember that your neighbors have their own simple needs too. Watch where your visitors, or your kids, walk and park, and keep your pets travels limited to your own yards and walkways.

You don’t need a fence or visible barrier to protect your neighborly relationships, just watch where you walk and drive. Be respectful of your property lines to maintain great relationships.

Don’t sit on the Sidelines – Get in the Game

When your neighbors organize a community gathering, or yard sale, or holiday event, see if you can help. Do more than show up for free food and drinks – help set up and break down tables and chairs, or decorate, or just run errands for the hosts.

Be a part of the event and get to know the people around you. Few things bring people together like a common goal. No matter what’s happening, help out where you can.

Help Neighbors in Need

You can easily be an invaluable resource to neighbors in need when you have a tool or skill they need. Whether they are 18 or 80, there will probably be a time when you can provide a skill the people around you really need.

Clear the walk for your older neighbors or help with the groceries for the people across the street. Offer to pick up or drop off kids, family members, or pets when the need arises. Be helpful and those around you will return the favor.

Keep your own Space Neat and Clean

It can be easy to forget that – fenced in or not –  your back yard is clearly visible to others too. Keep clutter to a minimum, keep the greenery trimmed back and picked up. Make sure your kids put their toys away at night and be respectful of those who share your space.

That goes for noise as well – you may love that radio station enough to share it with the world but it’s unlikely that your neighbors want to share your enthusiasm during a family meal. Keep the tunes turned down a notch or avoid disrupting the peace and quiet you enjoy yourself.

Don’t forget that community areas are also a community responsibility as well. Help keep gathering spaces clean and useable for everyone in your community so everyone can enjoy the community resources around you.

Arrange Play Dates for Kids and Pets

You can be a part of more than just adult events. There are plenty of social opportunities, especially with the holidays fast approaching, that you can help to make successful and fun.

However, there are also plenty of chances for kids to play and dogs to interact during playdates, sleepovers, and walks with your pet through the beautiful community areas throughout.

Put one together yourself or say Yes when asked to participate. Offer to chaperone or oversee an event instead of just showing up. Be a part of the bigger picture so your kids can feel like they’re part of your community too.

With our Eastbrook Homes Month of Giving and the 3rd annual Taste and Tour underway, it’s a great time to get involved and be part of the community around you. In other words, reach out. Meet the people around you to strengthen your bonds and become the resources people need when things are good, or times get rough.

Make connections, meet the people next door. Become a part of the Eastbrook Community right outside your door.


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