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Summer Series: Homeowner Highlight with Jade and Chris

In today’s blog, we’re talking with Jade and Chris about their new home in Eastbrook’s Town Square community in Rockford. Jade and Chris moved into their new home about a month ago and already love being there.

Thinking Outside The Box

Jade and Chris were struggling to find an existing home for sale in the crazy market, so they start thinking outside of the box.

They knew Town Square was nearby but never considered building. With the help of their realtor and Chris’s job as a land surveyor, they decided to look more into Eastbrook Homes.

When Jade later drove past Town Square, something clicked and they felt building was the right thing to do.

As Jade says, “The price was right, the house was right, and the timing was right.”

Jade recognized how easy Eastbrook Homes made the building process by providing people with access to design choices and other options early. By giving clients an appointment with a designer and access to Eastbrook’s Home Creation Studio, most of the client’s work is done in the beginning so they can just enjoy watching the home come together.

You can hear the rest of the interview with Jade and Chris below, including more details about their Eastbrook Building Process and experience.

We are also going to chat with Jeff Costello – a Sales Agent for EBH, about how easy it is to get into a new Eastbrook Home.

The Benefits of Building

In the video below, Jeff describes how people can build a new home with the included features alone, which can positively affect the cost of the new home.

Jeff also describes how easy it is to create your own unique living space by selecting from the included features in the Home Creation Studio.

As Jeff says, “If you don’t like what our design steps picked, you can walk 5 feet and grab a different granite, or grab a different laminate, and say to yourself, this is what we want.”

As residents of Rockford, Jade and Chris already have their favorite warm-weather activities.

The Town Square Lifestyle

In addition to great included features and a beautifully appointed house, the lifestyle that Town Square and Rockford provide is superb.

In the summertime especially, Jade and Chris enjoy going to the park in the middle of the Town Square complex where there is a great green space and a small pavilion for picnicking close to home.

Their other favorite activity is going to dinner in downtown Rockford, then getting ice cream at one of the many shops downtown to enjoy by the dam.

For more information on Jade and Chris’s building experience and Jeff Costello’s insight into the design and building process, please watch the video below and see how Eastbrook Homes makes it easy to buy your own home instead of renting and putting money in someone else’s pocket once again.

Published: July 06, 2021

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