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Start Dreaming of Summer at Tannery Bay

Tannery Bay, on the Eastern shores of White Lake in Whitehall, Michigan, incorporates the experience, craftsmanship, and style associated with Eastbrook Homes. The private lakeshore community offers home sites with stunning views for those looking to build, as well as single-family Executive homes, townhomes, beach homes, and ranch condominiums featuring Zero Step entries.

For Heather B., seeing the construction quality was enough to grab her attention even though she wasn’t looking to move.

“I had a house that was fine,” said Heather.

As she drove past Tannery Bay while visiting a friend, the beautiful homes caught her attention. Tannery Bay’s waterfront location also played a part in her decision to move.

“I chose this townhome because of the view,” said Heather “I really love seeing the water from any point in my house, the kitchen, the living room. It’s all about the view”

Sharon and Will C. spent three months searching for the perfect home before discovering Tannery Bay.

Growing up in Montague, Will enjoyed the waters of White Lake as a child.

“I’ve been swimming in this lake since I was three years old,” he stated.

Brenda and Greg have also been coming to the area for years.

“We had a summer home on White Lake years ago,” said Greg, “and always had a special affection for this area.

The Eastbrook Community of Tannery Bay is more than just a collection of beautiful beachfront homes. The community sits close enough to Muskegon, Grand Rapids, and Grand Haven to put significant dining and shopping options within easy reach.

“The thing I love about White Lake is, you’re not that far from Grand Rapids, but you really feel like you’re Up North.” said Brenda.

As Greg and Brenda sit on their deck overlooking the clear, calm surface of White Lake, a pontoon boat full of swimmers floats lazily by.

“We’re big into boating,” said Greg V., “which was kind of a driver for us being here.”

The Tannery Bay residents are a social group, greeting new neighbors with regular wine tastings and cookouts.

The community features a large groomed beach, community fire pit, and plenty of other amenities for community use. Additional options are also in the works, with plans unfolding for a clubhouse, pool, and even a marina.

Heather loves to entertain, and that her home is big enough to accommodate a lot of people without feeling cramped.

“I’m a social person,” said Heather R. “I like having people over and we can all be in this big room.”

Heather also enjoys the peace and quiet her home in Tannery Bay provides. Her townhome is also her sanctuary.

“I get to come home from work and sit on my deck, and let the whole world go,” said Heather. “It’s perfect.”

Whether people are headed off to work, playing on the beach, or getting dinner ready for friends and family, Tannery Bay provides a beautiful backdrop to the community’s everyday activities and special events alike.

“It fits in with our lifestyle.” Said Will, “and we are enjoying our Eastbrook Experience.”

The residents of Tannery Bay invite you to join them on Memorial Day to experience the beauty of Tannery Bay while tasting local cuisine by Pekadill’s. There will also be games in the park, and of course, gorgeous lake views.


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