Spring Trends for 2020

Spring Trends for 2020 | Eastbrook Homes

Whether building or buying, moving to a new home provides the perfect opportunity to start with a blank canvas and get creative with the colors and textures that represent your own unique style.

Designing and decorating your new home is an important and fun part of the building process. For many people, it takes some research, some Pinterest, and lots of HGTV.

This Summer, new trends are taking over every room in the house and we want to share some of those great look and feel ideas with you. Check out the latest in design inspiration and ideas below.

1. Navy Blue – Every year, many of the big paint manufacturers announce a Color of the Year and according to Sherman Williams, their choice is Naval – shade of Navy Blue.

The deep, rich color is great for more than just walls too. Many homeowners are painting their cabinets a variety of colors that bring life to the kitchen. Instead of the same old white or stained wood appearance, why not try something that’s uniquely yours.

Try blue accents too. Whether that means pillows or trim, paint or pictures. Navy Blue is in.

2. Textured Fabrics – Why settle for single tones, smooth textures, or featureless fabrics when you can decorate with embroidered surfaces, raised patterns, and unique weaves.

Try different options for pillows, decorative throws, and curtains. Whether you choose sequins, embossed materials, or heavier weaves, let the fabrics around your house represent your unique tastes.

3. Raw Wood – Rustic rocks. There’s something about a raw wood mantlepiece over a your living room fireplace that stands out no matter what else is in the room. But, you don’t need to stop there.

Raw or unfinished wood looks great whether it’s used for a tabletop, picture frame, or shelving. Raw wood accents can also bring character to more sterile rooms like a kitchen or bathroom.

Unique grains and imperfections bring a lot of character to your unique style. Use reclaimed woods and building materials to feel even better about your choices.

4. Greenery – Real or artificial plants bring a splash of color and natural feel to any room in the house. Paired with raw woods, greenery can also bring a rustic air to more polished spaces.

You don’t have to have a green thumb to bring some new life to your living spaces. Although fake plants were once less acceptable, new materials and construction have created decorative plants that might even fool the local gardener.

Of course, some of us could not keep a plant alive if our lives depended on it, and some know-how to nurture greens until they blossom and grow into something beautiful.

No matter which class you fall in, add an artificial fig tree to the corner of your living room or some palm or philodendron fronds in decorative glassware on counter and table tops.

Freestanding trees and other larger greenery balance smaller potted plants, floral, and other natural arrangements on tables and shelves, while vines, ivy, and clippings placed around pottery and pictures add a beautiful touch to any room.

Use fresh clippings, flowers, and other greenery and you’ll get the added bonus of fresh, natural scents.

5. Earthy and Organic – Paired with raw woods and greenery, earth tones and organic shapes and materials can create an environment that feels more connected with the outdoors and nature.

The use of earth tones such as browns and subtle reds, greens, or even burnt orange can tie in with raw materials such as flooring or tables. Add wicker and rattan chairs or other natural materials to create a simple but comfortable space.

Accents such as in the form of organic shapes influenced by natural designs can strengthen the connection with nature. Match vases, bowls, and other containers made from natural materials with fronds, branches, or other plants to create a beautiful, simple, natural environment.

But don’t play it too cool – a splash of Navy Blue, whether it’s a few pillows, an area rug, cabinets, or an entire wall can offset a deep brown sofa or

One of the best parts of working with Eastbrook Homes is – you don’t have to go it alone. If you’re don’t want to do all of the design work for your new home, our team can help. We’ll work with you to decide on colors, textures, and more and help you realize the vision you have for a dream home where you and your family will thrive.

During the building process, Eastbrook Homes also provides access to our Home Creation Studio where you can see and feel all of the design elements up close and in person. This can help you make better decisions and feel secure in the choices you make.

If this is the year you decide to build your dream home, please contact the Eastbrook Homes team and let us help you put the pieces together. Our Eastbrook Building Process was created to help you take your new home project from start to finish without all the stress and uncertainty.

Contact us today and see why Eastbrook Homes gives you more home for the money.


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