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Next Stop on your Eastbrook Journey – The Home Creation Studio

At Eastbrook Homes we believe building your dream home should be fun. Of course, some parts of the journey are more fun than others, such as the process of personalizing your new Eastbrook Home to match your unique taste, style, and budget.

To help you understand how our Home Creation Studio process works, please read the timeline below. Please note that this is the most current version as we are currently updating our animated “Building Process: Home Creation Studio” video.

Meeting Prep: Before you begin meeting with our team to design your home, you will receive these resources to review and complete:

My Home Account:

To begin the personalization process, you’ll create a My Home Account where any choices you make can be saved for review by your Eastbrook Team. Once your signed sales agreement has been accepted, you can start exploring our Feature Gallery where you’ll find hundreds of design, color, and style examples to choose from, and to save as Favorites in your My Home Account.

“Know Your Options” Video Series

This nine-part video series is designed to introduce the Home Creation Studio, your features and options, and other design tools. As the precursor to your first appointment, this series provides you the information you’ll need to begin designing your home. The videos each last 5 – 10 minutes and feature the following:

  • Introduction (Section 1)
  • Kitchens (Section 2)
  • Bathrooms (Section 3)
  • Flooring (Section 4)
  • Interior Details (Section 5)
  • Living Spaces (Section 6)
  • Exteriors (Section 7)
  • Envision (Section 8)
  • Conclusion (Section 9)

These videos are a great way to start dreaming about your new home features and options!

Design & Lifestyle Questionnaire

Your Interior Designer will create a unique home palette personalized for you by evaluating the answers you provide in our Design & Lifestyle Questionnaire. It is important that you provide as much detail as possible so your design can best understand your style.

Meetings: As you design your home with various members of our team, here is what you can expect:

Plan Review Meeting

You will meet with your Sales Agent to review your specific home plan, as well as the structural options you’re selecting for your new home.

Structural Plan Meeting

Depending on what Selection Service Option you chose, you will have an additional meeting with one of our structural team members. They will dive deeper into the structural options for your home. 

First Design Appointment

Before your first meeting, your sales agent will help you decide which Selection Service best suits your needs. This will dictate how many design appointments you have with your Interior Designer. You can get an idea of what the different Selection Service levels are here.

At your first appointment, your Interior Designer will show you a personalized preview of the unique colors, textures, fixtures, and designs they’ve selected to help customize your new home to match your tastes. You’ll work with the designer to make your selections and approve the finalized list of your chosen options and features. Depending on your Selection Service, you may have subsequent appointments.

Next Steps: Once you’ve finished choosing your features and options, these are your next steps:

Deposit and Loan Commitment

At this point in the journey, we ask that you provide a deposit and loan commitment to us, and that you use one of our Preferred Lenders throughout your home building process.

Home Creation Studio Release

Once your home is finished in the HCS, we ask that there are no more changes are made. This will ensure your home moves along to the next step of the process in a timely fashion.

Your Eastbrook Journey will continue to the next stop along the way where you’ll review the plan for your new Eastbrook Home.

If you are considering the construction of a new home in West Michigan or Greater Lansing, Michigan and would like more information about the Eastbrook Journey, or wish to speak with a team member about the home of your dreams, contact us today and let us show you how Eastbrook Homes can give you more home for the money.



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