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Next Step in the Journey: Celebration & Orientation

You’ve made it! This is the moment we’ve all been building up to…your new home Celebration and Orientation! From selecting the perfect Eastbrook Community and dream home plan, to working with our interior designers in the Home Creation Studio, you’ve invested tremendous amounts of time and effort into your home building project. Now it’s time to revel in your success!

The Eastbrook Homes Celebration and Orientation is our way of congratulating you on your hard work and dedication to creating a home that fits your individual needs and personality. We are overjoyed to share in your success as your home building partners and look forward to this day from the very start of your project. It’s almost time to hand over the keys!

In the days leading up to your Celebration and Orientation, we’ll be fine-tuning the last few details of your home. You can expect to see construction crews, workers, and landscapers hard at work as we prepare for your big day. We want everything to be perfect the moment you close. 

While Eastbrook Homes is known for providing professional, expert-level team members to assist with every facet of your home build, we sadly haven’t yet found a way to harness full cooperation from mother nature. This means if your home build is scheduled to wrap up in the winter months, some elements of your build might need to wait until spring. Springtime or warm weather projects typically include exterior elements like porches, driveways, exterior touch ups, and landscaping. Rest assured, if it isn’t completed by the time you close, we will have an itemized completion schedule ready and waiting so you know exactly what to expect. 

We like to schedule your Celebration and Orientation on the same day as your closing so you can learn about your home, sign as official owners and move right in. This makes for an exciting, but (fun!) filled day. We suggest adjusting your schedule ahead of time so you can spend the full two hours with us walking through your home and learning about all the new and exciting features you’ll be living with. 

Your two-hour Celebration and Orientation includes a full tour of your home with a qualified Eastbrook Homes team member, a review of maintenance and warranty information, and a quality and satisfaction check. We’ll invite you to participate hands-on throughout the tour, from flipping light switches and breakers to running faucets and operating garage doors. We want to familiarize you with each element of your home so you can move in with confidence and immediate comfortability. 

Checklist to Prepare for Your Celebration and Orientation:

  • Adjust your schedule so you can take full advantage of your two-hour Celebration and Orientation
  • Review the agenda and maintenance and warranty guide in your Homeowners Guide
  • Compile any questions you have and bring them, along with your Homeowners Guide, to your Celebration and Orientation
  • Let friends and family know we ask only buyers attend the Celebration and Orientation so you can give your new home your undivided attention
  • If at all possible, schedule someone to watch your children and pets so you can attend your Celebration and Orientation with fewer distractions
  • Get ready to take a hands-on approach

We can’t wait to meet you at your new home to walk you through all of the amazing features you selected. Check out the YouTube video below for additional information and follow us on our YouTube channel for more videos designed to guide you through your home buying process. 

Eastbrook Homes is proud to be a leader in West Michigan home building, where we always strive to provide more home for the money. If you have questions about building or buying a home in the West Michigan area, connect with us here. We can walk you through every step of the process, from discovering your dream home….to meeting you at your new home for your very own Celebration and Orientation day. 

Published: November 30, 2021

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