New Vs. Existing: Part Two

Welcome back to the Eastbrook Homes three-part series on building a new home vs buying a resale house. This week we are discussing the final part in the new home building experience, which is mostly about you – the new homeowner.

Buying any home can be a powerful, emotional, sometimes frustrating, and ultimately satisfying experience. However, at Eastbrook Homes, we do everything we can to take the word “frustrating” out of the process and try to make building the home of your dreams a fun and satisfying experience.

Building your new home brings many benefits that buying a resale home is unlikely to match. Since you are a big part of the building process, the new home will reflect your unique style and taste through the layout, colors, and finishing touches you chose during the building process. Your new home will truly be unique.

Since the median age for resale homes on the market today is 37 years old, one of the biggest reasons people choose to build a new home over buying resale is for the peace of mind. A new home includes new appliances, new roofing, and many other new components that a resale buyer could need to replace.

Moving in to your new home can feel like a fresh start. For some people, it’s a great time to pare down, letting go of many items they don’t really need and starting with a clean, organized home. There are even services that help people with organization and can ensure your stuff is out of the way and still easy to find.

There are some other organization tasks new home builders can knock out before moving in to their new home. New homes usually mean new neighborhoods, and even new cities, so it’s a good time to prepare a list of important phone numbers such as the Fire Department, Police, nearest hospital, nearest vet, and other commonly used contacts.

New homeowners will receive a tour of their home that includes instructions for the obvious items, such as the furnace, air conditioner, and appliances. However, new homeowners should also receive information and how-tos on items that were not part of their previous home.

Your new Eastbrook home will probably include several things that are new to you, including built-in humidifiers, and maybe even the sprinklers for your lawn. If there is a new item in your home that is unfamiliar, just reach out and ask and we’ll ensure you know how it works.

Once you’ve moved in to your new home, it’s time to settle in and enjoy the quality construction, improved air quality, and efficient climate control that you helped build. When you open the front door for the first time after construction is complete, you will walk into a space designed by you – just for you. 

Nearly every detail of your new home has your signature on it. As you move in and unpack, and the boxes are broken down and recycled, your brand new Eastbrook Home will be decorated with your own belongings, showing off the unique style and taste that is only yours.

When the move-in process is complete, it’s time to enjoy the results of your Eastbrook Homes building experience. Put your feet up and relax, enjoying the peace of mind, satisfaction, and comfort that comes with owning your brand-new Eastbrook Home. 

If you are considering new construction, it’s a great time to get the ball rolling. Contact the Eastbrook Homes team today to discuss your options and we may be able to finish before the end of the year. Get started today and you may be able to enjoy the next holiday season in the comfort of your own brand new Eastbrook Home.

At Eastbrook Homes, we always give you more home for your money!

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