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Your Home, YourCanvas!

Times change and processes need to evolve along with the world around us. To continue to provide the best possible building options for all of our clients, we went back to the drawing board and developed a new home building experience.

We created a framework which saves our client’s time and simplifies the building process, but still makes it easy to fill in the blank spaces with the personal touches that make a new home uniquely yours.

Today, we want to tell you about YourCanvas. Choosing a YourCanvas Home is like being the star of your own HGTV show. You’ll have all the fun of designing your personal home vision while still maintaining your schedule and budget.

A YourCanvas home provides the Eastbrook quality exterior framework you trust along with the flexibility to choose the interior finishes that are most important to you. With the exterior design, selections, and structural options already done, all you need to do is choose your interior features and finishes.

Once your design choices are completed and construction commences, we will bring your vision to life and finish your home in approximately 90 days.

The current list price of the home includes our base-level finishes and features. From there, you can choose to add the features or finishes that suit your style and budget. By choosing a YourCanvas home, you still receive a personalized home, but with a shortened timeline and a flexible budget that is based upon your interior selections.

You can begin YourCanvas home journey by discovering available homes in West Michigan and Lansing. Look for the green “YourCanvas” home logo on all related listings!

If you would like to complete your new home more quickly or would like to simplify the new home building process, reach out to one of our Eastbrook Homes expert sales agents and discover what a YourCanvas home can do for you today.

YourCanvas – one more way Eastbrook Homes gives you more home for the money.


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