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Homeowner Highlight with Katie W.

Homeowner Highlight with Katie W

This week on the Eastbrook Homes blog, we’re featuring a new Homeowner Highlight with Katie W. from our Shadow Glen community. Katie built a new home in the area with another builder before choosing Eastbrook Homes. 

Katie shares her experience with both and why she would choose to work with Eastbrook Homes again.  As she put it, the Eastbrook Team was like a “well-oiled machine.” She also shares some great tips for making the entire new home construction process easier and enjoyable.

Read on below!

EBH: What brought you to Eastbrook Homes? 

Katie: I knew Shadow Glen was the neighborhood I wanted to build in. Having built previously in the same neighborhood but with another builder, I was excited to be able to build with Eastbrook this time!

EBH: Was this your first new home build, or have you built before?  

Katie: I built in 2014 with another local builder.

EBH: If you’ve built before, can you describe that experience?  

Katie: My experience with my previous builder was not nearly the quality of experience I had this time around with Eastbrook. The other builder’s communication with clients and overall product quality was noticeably poorer.

Eastbrook Building Experience

EBH: Describe your Eastbrook building experience.  

Katie: From the moment I began working with Robin (my sales agent) and Chrissy (my interior designer) in the Home Creation Studio, I knew I was in good hands. I had expected the selections process to be overwhelming. But thanks to Chrissy’s knowledge, organization, and overall wonderful personality, the experience was nothing short of exciting and awesome! 

The excitement continued as I met with Kyle (my construction manager) at my plan review meeting. Just as I had felt with Robin and Chrissy, Kyle’s knowledge and attention to detail showed me just how “well-oiled of a machine” the Eastbrook team is.  

Throughout the entire construction process, Kyle’s communication was prompt and thorough. Even down to our celebration/closing meeting, Kyle kept things running smoothly and on schedule.  

On top of all of that, Robin’s caring personality always made me feel like more than just a client. What a great team you guys were to work with. Thank you!!!

EBH: How would you describe your home style? 

Katie: I like to think of my home style as modern farmhouse. Warm, cozy and welcoming, with a modern touch.

EBH: What do you love about the community you’re in?  

Katie: My neighbors! The people in Shadow Glen are like a second family to me and my son.

Tips for Building

EBH: What tips do you have for people currently building?  

Katie: Don’t be afraid to ask questions! There is SO MUCH that goes into building a new home. Reach out when you don’t understand something. I can guarantee someone knows the answer and is willing to help. 

Also, stay organized. Keep everything you can in writing so you have it to reference later, if need be. Lastly, ENJOY THE PROCESS! Don’t get so bogged down in the details that you miss out on the enjoyment of the experience.  

Thank you Katie for sharing such great information! 

If you are considering building a new home this year or next, please reach out to the Eastbrook Homes team and let one of our expert sales agents help you begin the process. Let us help you build the home of your dreams in a community perfectly matched to your lifestyle.

Published: November 02, 2021

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