Homeowner Highlight – The Georgetown by Lindsay

Welcome to another Eastbrook Homes Homeowner Highlight! This month we’re chatting with Lindsay Smith, who moved into her new Eastbrook Home in the community of Lowing Woods in January of 2018.

As an employee of Eastbrook Homes, Lindsay had some unique information and advice to share about her experience as well as what it was like to move with a two-month-old baby on board.

Let’s hear from Lindsay now!

  • EBH: When did you move into your home?
  • Lindsay: We moved into our home at the end of January on an extremely cold and windy day!
  • EBH: What home plan do you have?
  • Lindsay: We have the Georgetown home plan, 2-bedroom option vs. the standard 3-bedroom on main level. We left the basement unfinished for a future winter project.
  • EBH: What is your decorating inspiration?
  • Lindsay: Our decorating theme is basically like fixer-upper, but I incorporate a lot of other different style themes like industrial, bohemian, with neutral color palates.
  • EBH: What are your favorite features in your home?
  • Lindsay: My favorite features is definitely our kitchen. I love the set-up, colors, and flow of the cabinetry. I also love the owner’s suite bathroom with a make-up vanity instead of a double sink.
  • EBH: What was your Eastbrook Experience and building process like?
  • Lindsay: Our building process was very smooth. We were notified by our construction superintendent of any questions they had regarding some of our custom selections to make sure it matched our vision before they moved on to the next project. We were also moved in earlier than expected, which was a plus.
  • EBH: Do you have any tips or tricks for new homeowners?
  • Lindsay: Since I also work for sales in Eastbrook, my word of advice is to definitely have an open mind when picking a home plan. You may have a favorite home plan, but your sales agent may have a better pick for you to fit your family’s needs. Also, keep a neutral color palette when choosing interior colors. You’ll have an easier time picking furniture and décor to match and it can easily be switched up down the road when your style tastes changes.
  • EBH: Any other thoughts you would like to add? (maybe about moving with a kiddo?)
  • Lindsay: Don’t be afraid to ask for outside help when moving, it cost less compared to going with an expensive moving company. We moved into our home with a two-month-old, and I basically watched the babe and told the guys where to put certain furniture pieces and boxes! It wasn’t too difficult moving with a baby, it went a lot smoother than I thought.

It’s great to hear that the building process with Eastbrook Homes was just as smooth for an employee as it would be for a client. Communication is a critical part of our Eastbrook process and as you can see, it helped Lindsay get the results she had in mind without any extra effort or babysitting on her part.

At Eastbrook Homes, we give you more home for the money. If you are considering your own new home construction, please reach out to the Eastbrook Homes team today to discuss our unique building process and how it can work for you.

Thanks Lindsay!


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