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Holiday Home Tour 2 – The Macomber Family 

Holiday Home Tour 2 - The Macomber Family | Eastbrook Homes

This week on the Eastbrook Homes blog, we are going to continue our Holiday Home Tour with a visit with The Macomber Family. While getting a peek at people’s unique design and decorating ideas is great fun, it’s even more fun to learn about the unique Holiday traditions that each family has in place.

Let’s hear what they have planned for Christmas this year.

EBH: What Eastbrook community do you live in?

M: We built off-site in Caledonia

EBH: What home plan did you build or buy?

M: We built the Birkshire home plan

EBH: What is your favorite feature in your home?

M: Favorite features are the grand spaces, vaulted 22ft high ceilings that allow us to have large Christmas trees.

EBH: What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

M: Our favorite tradition is making holiday baked goods with or the children who are 0, 2, and 4 years old.

EBH: What are your other Christmas traditions?

M: We have a Christmas tree for each kid. This way each of them can decorate a tree however they would like.

We always get a new set of matching Christmas pajamas every year.

We also have an elf that comes every year. His name is “Christmas Tree Snowman”, but we call him C.T. for short. He brings the kids gifts from time to time and he usually is stirring up trouble overnight.

EBH: What is your Christmas style?

M: We would describe our Christmas style as “Cozy Cottage meets Shabby Chic”.  We enjoy the traditional decor of Christmas past, but we like to incorporate modern artwork and decor pieces into that as well.

EBH: What was your building process and Eastbrook experience like?

M: Our experience was very good. Jeff Costello set us up and walked us through from start to finish.

It would be fun to hear more about the antics of the Macomber’s mischievous Christmas elf! By now, most people are probably decorating their own homes and beginning their own Holiday traditions.

For many families, those traditions could be handed down through family generations, or they could begin with the birth of a child, or with the start of a marriage, or they could begin right in the living room of a family’s new home.

Next week, we’ll continue with our Holiday home tour so tune in for another look into the traditions that make each celebration even more special. At Eastbrook Homes, we hope your own holiday traditions bring you and your family much joy this year!

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