Great Ways to Utilize Outdoor Space

It’s hard to stay inside during the summer months. The evening breezes invite our Eastbrook Homeowners out to the patio, where the whole family or just some good friends can lounge in front of the firepit.

The back patio can be easily designed and decorated to fit any specific need. Whether your Eastbrook Home is in West Michigan, Greater Lansing, Michigan, or Auburn, Alabama, it’s easy and fun to custom tailor your space to fit your desires. Here are just a few.

Your patio could be designed with more socializing in mind, with adults-only, late night drinks with friends theme. Or, it could be designed with the kids in mind, as a mini playground with fun activities right in your own backyard. There are lots of great ways to get the most out of the space with the help of your local hardware store and some of the incredible accessories they carry today.

Bring the internet outside to open up entertainment options. Make music available for a romantic drink by the firepit, or simply background music to your group’s social gathering. If necessary, add an Internet signal extender in your house to create better connectivity outside, then stream your favorite stations from your phone or tablet to hidden Bluetooth speakers that look just like rocks and disappear into your backyard landscaping.

For a more kid-friendly environment, lots of options exist to turn your outside space into a place to play or a place to learn. Of course, kids playground equipment adds a fun flair to the backyard, but add a couple of DIY sandboxes to the mix for a little beachfront.

For a unique approach, add blackboard or chalkboards against fences or as dividers for kids play areas. Simply add chalk to create future artists, or to provide a fun way to finish up homework with mom and dad.

Do you have big ideas for a patio but need a house to go with it? If sitting on your friend’s patio is planting the seed in your head that it’s time to build, Eastbrook Homes can help. Please contact one of our Eastbrook Team Members and let us show you how we can give you more home, and more patio for your money.


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