New Vs. Existing: Part Two 

Welcome back to the Eastbrook Homes three-part series on building a new home vs buying a resale house. Last week, we discussed many of the reasons for building a new home and some of the things people find most appealing about the process and project.

This week we would like to discuss some of the important things to consider before the building process, such as financing. At Eastbrook, we’ve tried to make the process as easy as possible on our new home builders by removing some of the guesswork out of financing new home construction so our clients can keep their project moving forward.

To make your new construction project easier, and to help prevent delays, Eastbrook Homes assumes some of the responsibilities that would normally fall on our new home builders. We carry your construction loan so that you can stay focused on the important parts of the construction process that no one else can do, like planning your kitchen, designing your Michigan room, and picking out the perfect flooring.   

We know that financing your new home can be one of the most stressful parts of the whole process. In fact, many new home builders consider the financing process “intimidating.” However, we believe that building a home to your own personal specifications, tastes, and styles should be fun, not frightening.  

Our carefully chosen lending partners understand the differences in the Eastbrook Homes building process know how to get the job done.

Eastbrook Homes carefully selects the vendors we work with us too. We keep much of your new construction in the hands of local vendors so that our new home builders will always have relationships with local suppliers and tradespeople that last long after the building process is complete. The same people who help us build our new houses will also provide support and repairs and upgrades for years after the building process is done.

When asked what holds them back from owning a brand-new home instead of buying a resale house, many potential clients called the building process “overwhelming.” However, the people who purchased resale homes also said they felt overwhelmed by the list of repairs and upgrades that faced them once the excitement of buying a home was gone.

At Eastbrook Homes, we know how big and challenging new construction can seem, so we do our very best to make it easy on the new homeowners that choose to work with our team. If you are thinking about making 2019 the year you build your dream home, don’t let the building process get in the way of your project. Call the team at Eastbrook Homes today and let us show you how much easier, and more fun, it is to move into the new home of your dreams. At Eastbrook Homes, we always give you more home, and less stress, for your money!

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