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Christmas Homeowner Highlight with Brittani

Welcome to another Eastbrook Homes Homeowner Highlight! This time around, we’re chatting with Brittani A., who moved into her Sebastian floorplan home just before Christmas of last year.

Read on to hear what Brittani has to say about her home’s favorite features, how to find the designs and colors that best fit your lifestyle, and what it’s like to work with the Eastbrook Team.

Let’s hear what she has to say!

EBH: When did you purchase your new Eastbrook home?

Brittani: We have been in our home for just over one year.

EBH: What home plan did you choose?

Brittani: We have the Sebastian home plan and love it!

EBH: Where did you find the inspiration for your style and design ideas?

Brittani: Our interior designer, Michaela Noelle Designs, helped us take inspiration from Studio McGee and make it our own.

EBH: What are the things you like most about your Sebastian home?

Brittani: Our favorite features are the kitchen Eastbrook designed, extended third garage stall and our covered deck.

EBH: What was it like working with Eastbrook Homes?

Brittani: The process was great!  Whenever there was something not quite right, Eastbrook did a great job to make sure it was corrected. We are also really impressed with the design process. We had a big list of things we wanted in our house and Eastbrook was able to say yes to almost all of it!

EBH: Do you have any tips for people interested in building a new Eastbrook Home?

Brittani: My biggest tip is to do research by going to a parade of homes. Online pictures can be helpful, but we found the best way to research what you want in a new home is by seeing it in person.

We’d like to thank Brittani for taking the time to share her thoughts with us as we close in on the Christmas holiday, and for giving us a glimpse into her beautiful home.

If you are thinking of building your dream home in 2020, please reach out to our team today and spend next Christmas with your family and friends in your new Eastbrook Home!


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