Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day this Feb. 20th, 2020

This February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day, so this week, all of us at Eastbrook Homes would like to help celebrate pets everywhere and also acknowledge the place in our hearts that is occupied by our furry friends.

In the past, the family dog was often just that – the family dog. Although they were treated well, pets were usually thought of as an accessory more than anything else.

Today, the family pet is truly a member of the family. Our dogs occupy more of the living room couch than we do. Cats have earned to expand so that 15 pounds of furry feline takes up three-quarters of a queen-sized mattress.

At Eastbrook Homes, every day is Love Your Pet Day. Many of our staff members have pets, so we know what it’s like to shop for a home with a furry family member in mind. There is more to planning for a new home when outdoor play areas for your dog are just as important as the kitchen, Michigan room, and other indoor living areas for humans.

For many Millennials, their pet is one of the biggest driving factors in the decision to buy a bigger home or a home with a bigger yard. According to a poll of recent home buyers between 18 and 36, one-third listed their reason for buying a new home as the desire for more room or yard space for their pet.

Millennials aren’t the only pet-owning home buyers. Although they lead the pack with 77 percent of Millennials owning pets, a recent Better Homes and Gardens report shows GenXers and Baby Boomers are not far behind. In fact, 77 percent of GenXers and 68 percent of Baby Boomers also move into their new homes with their fur babies in tow.

Baby Boomers are also high on the list for another reason. As their children have gone off to school, or jobs, or to create their own families, Boomers have refilled their empty nest with fur babies.

If you are planning for a new home, we would like to share some of our pet-friendly resources, communities, and other information with you. And with your four-legged friends.

Many of our Eastbrook floor plans are great choices for families with pets. However, our Communities also have a lot to offer four-legged family members. In Holland, MI, Macatawa Legends sits right near Quincy Dog Park, the township’s 5-acre playground for your pets.

While many of our Eastbrook Communities include walking trails and proximity to woods or beaches, one of our newest Communities was created with pet owners in mind. Town Square in Rockford, MI, features Townhomes and Patio homes with private outdoor spaces that can be fenced in and personalized for buyers with or without pets.

Many of our other Eastbrook Communities are ideal for pet owners, featuring homes with mudrooms available for the end of a romp in the grass and dirt, fenced yards for four-legged playtime freedom, and trails in the woods for walking or biking along with your fur baby.

But our Communities are not the only thing that’s pet-friendly. Our new home buyers can also customize their homes with features from a large selection of pet-friendly options for creating their very own, unique dream home.

Laminate flooring, mudrooms, and many other options offer durability, simple cleanup, and other advantages that help to create a pet owner’s paradise. During the building process, new homeowners can work with our team to make those choices in the Eastbrook Home Creation Studio, where every feature and option comes to life.

If you would like to take a quick look at what’s available, you can also visit our Eastbrook Homes Feature Gallery on the web and get a peek at the many different colors, textures, and products available to help create a comfortable space for your fur babies.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating National Love Your Pet Day this coming February 20th. However, we also hope you’ll join us in loving your pet every single day of the year. Our pets bring joy companionship, peace, and even protection to our lives every day.

If this is the year you decide to create the perfect home for you and your pets, please contact the Eastbrook Team and let’s get that conversation started. Spring is a great time to begin the building process so reach out today and let us show you why Eastbrook Homes gives you, and your pets, more home for the money!


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