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Building Your Dream Home Should Be Fun

Building a new home doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, it should be fun.

At Eastbrook Homes, our Eastbrook Building Process puts you in control of your new construction so that you can create a home that’s uniquely yours.

Your Sales Agent will help you through the process, guiding you along the journey that begins when you choose a location for your new home. Each of our Eastbrook Communities is unique, with a location, price, and list of available amenities that can be perfectly matched to your expectations.

Once you’ve chosen a community and homesite, your Sales Agent will guide you to the next stop on your journey where you’ll discuss pricing and then choose from a variety of home plans to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and budget.

The Eastbrook Building Process allows us to give our clients more home for the money by working closely with a group of preferred lenders, saving time and resources. For example, Eastbrook covers your construction costs, making it easier for you to complete your new home without delays. You only need a traditional mortgage (or end loan) once construction is complete.

Since our process is a little different, we recommend that you work with one of our preferred lenders to make your closing process easier, on-time, and stress-free. Our partners understand the Eastbrook Process and work closely with our team to ensure your project, and your journey, continues smoothly forward.

To continue on your Eastbrook journey, you’ll need to present a pre-approval letter, signed agreement, and your initial deposit. Your sales agreement will be the foundation on which your new home is built, identifying your homesite and the design which you will customize to create a home that’s just as unique as you are.

As your Eastbrook Journey continues, your Sales Agent will help you build a wishlist, choose your initial options, and help you with any questions you might have along the way. Your Sales Agent will guide you to the next stop on the Eastbrook Journey while your new home begins to take shape – the Home Creation Studio, where all of the available fittings, features, and finishes come to life.

Check back as we follow along with the Eastbrook Journey, taking you through the steps that bring your dream home to life. If you’re ready to discuss your new home plans, or, if you just have questions about our Eastbrook Process, please contact us for more information today.

Before you go, please watch this short video for more information on the Eastbrook Building Process and the journey to your new home. Then, contact our team with any questions you might have.


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